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April 23, 2012

Ancient Egyptian 25th Dynasty | Nubian - Kushite

Dynasty 25
747-656 BC
  • Piankhi (Piyi) - Menkheperre : 747-716 BC
  • Shabaka : Neferkare
  • Shebitku (Djedkare) : 702-690 BC
  • Taharqa (Nefertemkhure) : 690-664 BC
  • Tanutamun (Bakare) : 664-656 BC

Donation stela of Shabaka, on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Since the days of Ramses II in the 19th Dynasty, Nubia - the land of Kush south of Aswan - had gone its own way, eventually founding a kingdom, Napata, that was independent at last from its powerful northern neighbour. During the Egyptian presence of the later New Kingdom the cult of Amun had taken a firm hold in Nubia, its major cult centre located at the great rock of Gebel Barkal. Here a major temple was built to the Theban god; the priests engaged in his cult, like their northern counterparts at Thebes, gradually increased their own influence alongside that of the deity until they similarly usurped the kingship. A dynastic succession seems to have been established as early as the late 10th century BC with the use of the traditional pharaonic titles and cartouches.

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