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Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Map

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Map
Only 10 Pyramids

You mentioned ten Pyramids and I thought that there were many more.
There are numerous structure which have / had the shape pyramids. The genuine pyramids, however, are those which consist of solid core masonry.

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Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Building Period Pyramid Location in Egypt
Step Pyramid


2667 - 2648 BC Saqqara

2611-2603B.C Saqqara

Khaba Egyptian Pyramid

2603 - 2599 B.C Zawiyet el-Aryan
Meidum Pyramid - Snefru's Pyramids 

2599-2575 B.C. Dashur
Red Pyramid - Snefru's Pyramids

2612–2589 BC Dashur
Bent Pyramid - Snefru's Pyramids

c. 2600 BC Dashur

2589–2566 BC Giza
Djedefre Pyramid

2566-2558 B.C Abu Rawash

2558–2532 BC Giza
Menkaure Pyramid 

2532–2504 BC Giza

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