October 7, 2013

The Tomb of Siremput II

The Tomb of Siremput II
Siremput II was the «Hereditary Prince» during the reign of the Xllth dynasty pharaoh Amon- Emhat II. The hypogeum consists of an initial chamber with six pillars, a gallery flanked by six niches each with a mummy-shaped statue of the dead prince, a second square chamber with four pillars, each one decorated with a splendid picture of Siremput, and finally a frescoed chapel. In the latter is a scene showing the prince with his small son paying homage to him in front of a table laid for a meal with bread, sweets, fruit including bunches of grapes and even a duck. Beneath the table stand carafes of wine. The adjacent wall shows the prince’s wife, a priestess of Hathor, who is also seated before a ritual meal.

The Tomb of Siremput II

Amon-Emhat II Statue


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