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April 22, 2012

Ramses IX and Ramses X Pharaohs 1126-1098 BC

Ramses IX
Neferkhare Setepenre
Dynasty 20
1126-1108 BC

Ramses X
Dynasty 20
1108-1098 BC

With Ramses IX Egypt returned to a degree of stability in as much as the king enjoyed a reign of some 18 years. There is not much to show for it in terms of monuments or records, however. Building work in Ramesses' name at the ancient sun centre of Heliopolis in the Delta indicates the greater emphasis being placed on Lower Egypt. This was probably one of the reasons why the High Priests of Amun at Thebes were increasingly able to assert their own power in Upper Egypt and to sow the seeds of the final insurrection to come during the 21st Dynasty.

Tomb of Ramses IX
Ramses IX's tomb (KV 6) is a long one in the tradition of the 'syringe' tunnels of the later 19th and 20th Dynasties. It lies almost directly opposite that of Ramses II in the Valley and it may be wondered if the choice of location was influenced by the proximity of the great king, or whether at this time all traces of the entrance had been obscured. The mummy of Ramses IX was found in the 1881 cache in DB 320 but it was laid in the later coffin of the princess Neskhons.

The reign of Ramses X has been variously given as ranging from three to nine years, such is the lack of detail available for the period. An inscription from Aniba in Nubia has his cartouche and presumably evidences some continuing small concern with the area,- but the great influence and possessions of Egypt to the north-west, into Palestine and Syria, were now things of the past. The king's tomb (KV 18), just beyond Seti I's, has never been properly explored and no mummy has been attributed to him.

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