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May 1, 2012

The Boundaries of the Egypt c. 960

The Boundaries of the Country, c. 960
Ebn Haukal

One of the boundaries of Egypt begins from the Sea ofRoum, between Iskanderiah and Barkah, at the desert behind Wahh; proceeding to the land of the Nubians, and to the land ofBajeh, and back from Asouon to the Sea ofRoum; and from Bajeh to the Sea of Kolzum [the Red Sea], till it comes to the Tour Sina [Mount Sinai] ....

There are great quantities of dates, and many com fields, along the banks of the Nile, from that [town of Kirouan] to near Asouon, and to the borders of Iskanderiah. When the weather becomes very warm, the water increases; and when it sinks, they sow their grain; after that, there is no necessity for water. In the land of Egypt there falls not either rain nor snow; nor in the whole country is there any running stream besides the river Nile.


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