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September 11, 2013

The Immortality of the Soul in Ancient Egypt

The Immortality of the Soul
All the books on the After-life demonstrate that the immortality of the soul was fundamental to the ancient Egyptians’ religious beliefs. Pyramids, mastabas and tombs were all constructed to house the souls of the dead. The word « Ka » indicates the universal spirit, the physical body which animates the entire being. After the death of the body, the soul enfolds the mummy; it becomes its « Ka », its « double » until the spirit is trasformed into « astral spirit » and « Ka » and « Ba » (the divine spark, one of the spiritual principles of the individual) become one, uniting through Osiris’ cord with the superior spirit to form one single spirit. Numerous frescoes representing the immortality of the soul and other religious scenes have been found in the brick dwellings which housed the Pharaohs. In all the funerary temples and in the tombs were depicted scenes symbolising the survival of the deceased in the afterworld, in eternal life; for this they were called « houses of eternity ». « Ankh », the crux ansata, also symbolised the life to come with its three attributes: peace, happiness and serenity.



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