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September 1, 2013

Tomb of Huye - Ancient Egyptian Tombs

Tombs - General
The design of the tombs at Tel el Amarna are similar to the 18th Dynasty tombs at Luxor. Each has a forecourt (originally surrounded by a brick wall), a main chamber hewn out of rock and sometimes supported by columns, and an inner chamber, or chambers, containing a statue of the deceased.

Ancient Egyptian Tombs
Near the entrance doorway of each tomb and also in the main chamber, there are usually representations of the royal family praying or making offerings to the Aten and receiving the symbols of life from ‘the arm of the sun beams’. Nefertiti usually wears a tall crown, not unlike the blue war crown worn by Akhenaten. Noteworthy is the fact that she and the royal children, as well as some of the noblemen, were depicted with thick thighs and thin necks, indicating that such proportions became fashionable.

Northern Tombs

Tomb of Huye
This tomb belongs to the superintendent of the royal harem and steward of the Queen Mother, Tiy, who is depicted in the doorway reciting the Hymn to the Sun. The reliefs are in fair condition. To the right of the entrance wall are representations of a banquet where Akhenaten and Nefertiti are seated opposite Amenhotep III and Queen Tiy. Below is a delightful representation of two princesses facing each other. Above the royal couple is the symbol of the Aten. Guards stand to the right. Musicians and servants are depicted below.

Tomb of Huye
The main chamber has two clustered papyrus columns. The scene on the right-hand wall shows the temple with colonnaded court, statues and altar, with Akhenaten leading his mother to her Sun-shade Temple. The left-hand wall depicts Akhenaten being borne in a carrying chair to the temple with a large retinue of officials.

Ancient Egyptian Tombs
On each side of the doorway in the rear wall, Akhenaten is shown on the balcony of the palace throwing gifts to Huya. Below, to the right, is the workshop of a sculptor who is painting a statuette of the princess Baketaten, Tiy’s daughter. The inner chambers were unfinished.


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