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July 25, 2013

6th Dynasty Tombs of Ancient Egypt

6th Dynasty Tombs (2345-2181 BC)
The autobiographical texts inscribed on these tombs relate to administrative abilities and show a pioneering spirit; expeditions were made into the then unknown upper-cataract region. The noblemen declare themselves to be men of high moral character, and recorded how they fed the hungry, clothed the needy, and spoke ‘only that which was good’. The texts also reveal filial devotion:

Mekhu was a nobleman of Elephantine in the reign ofPepi II. He held the title Governor of the South. While on an expedition in Wawat (Lower Nubia) his convoy was attacked by desert tribes, and he was killed. When his son Sabni received the news of his father’s death, he quickly mustered a convoy of troops and pack-donkeys to march southwards and recover the body. He informed the pharaoh of his intention and recorded his experience in his tomb, which adjoins the one he built for his father.


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