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August 4, 2013

Tomb of Tutmose III

Tomb of Tutmose III
Of difficult access, this tomb contains paintings which, for their concise graphic style, are considered among the most beautiful in all the Valley of the Kings. An extremely original and important sovereign, this Tutmose III. Illegitimate son of Tutmose II, nominated Pharaoh at the death of his father while still very young, he was dethroned by his aunt Hat- shepsut, who had herself proclaimed regent. Tutmose III then gave himself over to a posthumous personal revenge, systematically cancelling the name of the queen from all monuments and replacing it with his own name or that of his father.

Tomb of Ramses IX
 This king’s military expeditions have remained famous, especially the eight campaigns against the Mitanns. Voyaging by sea to Phenicia, where they disembarked, his army traversed Syria, carrying with them through the desert the ships on which to cross the Euphrates River. Finally meeting in battle the hostile population, Tutmose was victorious, pursuing the defeated enemy at length.

Tomb of Ramses IX


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