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February 1, 2012

Djedefre Pyramid Or Mastaba Egyptian Pyramid

What is at Abu Rawash ?(Djedefre Pyramid at Abu Rawash)

There is the pyramid that was attributed to Khufu's successor and son. whose name is Djedefre . and who reigned from (2566-2558B.C) .

Djedefre's Pyramid at Abu Rawash
Let's Talk about Djedefre's Pyramid
The pyramid is built in a curiously desolate and lonely site . It is located om a steep rock , more than 490' (150m) above the Nile Vally . A really difficult and inaccessible location .

Upon arriving to the site , one sees a pitiful heap of rubble.

What happened to Djedefre's Pyramid ?
We don't know if the pyramid was ever finished . If it was finished , it surly has not survived time .
The red granite , on its eastern face , suggests that the monument was at partially complete .

Even when or if it was complete ,it was much smaller than Khufu's Pyramid . Actually it is even smaller than the fist Pyramid of Zoser .

What is underneath ?
  • There is the polar passage on it northern side .
  • The descending passage is about 27' (8m) wide but not very high , just like the other previous pyramids. It is 157' (48) long .
  • There is one empty room , at the bottom of a wide shaft .
  • There is no inscription anywhere inside or outside the Pyramid .
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