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February 27, 2012

Ancient Egyptian Magic

The Magic in  Ancient Egypt

The power of Bes and Taweret in the house hold was amuletic and they frequently appear on small plaques and amulets which could be fastened to objects or worn about the person. This amulets role tacks us into the realms of ancient Egyptian magic ,which the ancient Egyptians strongly know and unknown forces of evil. A wide variety of amulets were available to protect the body from harm. Some reproduced hieroglyphic signs with abstract notions of power, such as life, strength, prosperity, stability and beauty, while many others took from of deities. One of the most popular amulets was the udjat-eye of Horus. This was the eye knocked out by Seth and later returned and healed by Thoth. It was a symbol of light and was thought to ward off the evil eye.

udjat-eye of Horus
Two further examples of interest are the cippi of Horus and ancient Egyptian magic wands made of hippopotamus ivory. The purpose of these two amulets was not to protect against unseen forces,cut against the very tangible presence of animals and insects dangerous to man. The cippi of Horus take the form of stelae on which s depicted Horus the Child standing on two crocodiles and holding in his hands harmful creatures such as snakes, scorpions and lions, as well as an oryx gazelle, which was considered to have a baleful influence. Above Horus is a mask of the god Bes to provide additional protection.

The magic hippopotamus wands were designed to combat the approach of poisonous creatures such as snakes and scorpions during the night.They were laid near or under the bed and may have been used to draw ancient Egyptian magic circles round have been used to draw magic circles round it before sleeping. Their power was came party from the material, hippopotamus ivory being considered very potent because of the strength of the animal from which it came.

A number of surviving magical texts on papyrus give us a good idea of how widely ancient Egyptian magic and superstition affected peoples' lives. Each day had attached to it magical significance which made or good, bad, party good or party bad. Calendars were drawn up showing the statues of each day, so that people would know if it was safe to do certain things. The magical import of dreams as a means of divination was also takes seriously. The Dream Book gives an on list of dreams and their meanings for examples, 'if a man sees himself in a dream drinking warm beer: bad, it means suffering will come upon him. If a man sees himself n a dream carving up a female hippopotamus: good, it means a large meal form the palace.'

Another way in which ancient Egyptian magic affected the lives of the ancient Egyptians was in the sphere of medicine was advanced for its time, sceptically in the case of observable ailments and wounds. A number of medical papyri exist in which there is a rational attempt to categorize diseases and which give an almost modern producer for examination, treatments and prognosis. by trial and were the Egyptians learnt the use of many natural drugs and realized the importance or rest and care of the patient , as well as basic hygiene as means of presenting the onset certain propels. Nevertheless, there were many errors and great gaps on their knowledge of the human body and its working. For instance, they released that the heart was the centre off an elaborate series of vessels, but did not realize that it circulated only blood. It was believed that all the main systems of the body passed thought the heart: blood, air, water, never and tendons.

The Magic in  Ancient Egypt
The Egyptians even thorough that the stomach was connected out his heat and of food and its waste entering the circulatory system and polluting the body. The heart was also throat to be the seat of intelligence importance of the brain was not recognized, this organ being discarded as useless during the process of mummification.

Where science failed the medical men, magic took over. The power of suggestion may well have had some effect, but s if else had failed the recitation of a spell could be a source of comfort and hope to the sock. For this reason the medical profession included three frissons of practitioners: surgeon-healers, priest-doctors and pure magician. The nature of these healing spells can be gauged from an example desisted to cure a complainant called 'half-head' which is the origin of the Greek in other words migraine.

This protected by gods and charms, the ancient Egyptians were free to enjoy they bounties if their land.

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