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February 15, 2012

The Invisible Ramps and Khufu Pyramid Building

The Invisible Ramps AND Khufu Pyramid Building

How about these temporary ramps , which the Egyptians used to build the Pyramids ?
  • This is a total invention , but it i has been repeated so many times that it became a fact , in most peoples' mind .
  • Herodotus never such ramps . His historical account described the typical stone causeway between the vase of the Khufu's great pyramid and the Vally temple . Such a cause way was a permanent feature which was , as Herodotus described ,3300' (1006m) long , 60' (18m) wide and 48' (15m) high .
  • Many scholars want to believe  that the only way to build the pyramid is by increasing both the height and length of a temporary ramp , as it was raised ti the successive levels on the pyramid .
Ancient Egyptians
    Was it at least possible ?
    No . The people who are stuck on the ramps theory , make reference to the temporary mud rump found at Sekhemket's Pyramid , In Saqqara . That ramp was only 23'97m) high and thy were hauling blocks of 9.8"*5.9*3.3" (25*15*10cm) weighing 50 - 100 pounds ( 22-45kg) apiece . You can't compare that to the height of the Khufu's pyramid of 481' (147m) and stone weighting from 2.5 tones to as high as 70 tones apiece .

    The Danish civil engineer ,P.Garde-hanson , calculated that a ramp built all thee way to the top of the pyramid would require 17.5 million cubic yards of material (seven times the amount needed for the pyramid itself ) . A work force if 240,000 would have been needed to build such a ram with Khufu's reign .

    To dismantle the ramp at t the completion of the pyramid it would have required a work force of 300,000 and further eight years . Such a huge amount of rubbish is not visible anywhere in the vicinity and was never mentioned by earlier historians .

    After reaching such unbelievable figures , Grade-Hanson theorized a combination of a ramp and a lifting device . he theorized a ramp that reached halfway up the pyramid . At such a level , about 0 percent of the material needed for the pyramid would have been used . the second element of his modified theory . i.e .the mysterious lifting device of some kind , was and is still an unresolved question .

    Hypothetically , if we agree with Grade-Hanson's theories , try to visualize the staggering figures : 4,000 year-round quarrymen producing 330 blocks per day. During inundation season , 4,000 blocks per day are transported to the Nile, ferried across , hauled up the ramp to the Giza plateau , and set into place in the core - at a rate of 6.67 blocks per minute ! Imagine 6.67 blocks every 60 seconds ! This rate is impossible to achieve . This is another reason to disregard the validity of the quarrying and ramp theories .

    What is even more staggering is the case of Snefru (Khufu's father ) . If the two main pyramids at Dahshur are to be attributed to Snefru , and possibly a third pyramid at Meidum , it means that Snefru , in the course of his reign of twenty-four, was responsible for the quarrying transport , and dressing of several times the quantity of the Great Pyramid . Even trying to calculated . Even the lithe is too overwhelming .

    Lastly , Diodorus Siculus (21B.C) , later Greek Historian visiting the pyramid s, stated , in Historical Library :

    Egyptian Pyramids
    "And the most remarkable part ... is that , though the surroundings land consists of nothing but sand , not a trace remains either of ramps or the dressing of stones , so that they do not appear ti have been made by the slaw hand of man but instead look like a sudden creation , as though they had been made by a god set down bodily in the sand .

    We all know that the pyramids were man-made , but Diodorus affirms that there were no ramps .

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