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February 8, 2012

Shu Egyptian God of Air

Ancient Egyptian God Shu of Air - The Uplifter
One of he spells from the Coffin texts had Shu describing this own attributes :
Shu Egyptian God
I am Shu whom Atum Created on the day that he himself appeared .
He did not form me in a womb nor shape me in an egg .
I was not conceived by any manner conception, But my father Atum spat me forth with the spittle of this mother , me and my sister Tefnut .
She emerged behind me when I was enveloped in the breath of life that came from the throat of the phoenix on the day that Atum appeared in the infinity , the nothing the darkness and shapelessness
I am Shu , Father of the Gods - which was when Atum sent out his single eye to seek me and my sister Tefnut .
I am he who made the darkness light for her when she found me ass a man upholding.
Shu God

We have already seen that the most authoritative form of the creation story claimed that sand Tefnut we created as result of Ra's masturbation and his spitting out the children from his mouth , Although other myths offered different versions (suggesting that Shu God was the son of Hathor of Isaaset ) , these left explained both the origin of these goddess and their union with Ra at a time when he was supposed to be the only power in existence .

A Victorian -era scholar , EA. Wallis Budge , shocked by the crudity of the masturbation story , which he believed to be the original one , suggested that its originators must have been semi-savage , possibly from Libya . and that later Egyptian ,embarrassed by the story , substituted the other tales that were less offensive but more convoluted . His theory is given little credence today , but remains a charming example of nineteenth- century British propriety .

Shu God was usually represented with completely human traits . On his head he wore and ostrich feather known for both its size and lightness an appropriate emblem for the god of the air . He was lord of space between earth and sky , and he supported the sky ., holding her up with his hands . He represented the light that brought and end to the darkness witch reigned alongside chaos in the time before creation . He was also seen as a personification of the wind that blew out of the north , an important wind in Egypt since it came from Mediterranean up the Nile cooling houses in summer and driving feluccas ( single - masted sail boats ) in heir voyages. Another of the gods " the captain of the crew .... the strongest and most vigorous of the Divine band ." . He saw himself es the companion and assistant to Ra .

He has been compared to " the dawn breeze that announces the coming of the sun .

Shu God was frequently depicted in amulets ans in faience figures .

In Pharaonic drawings , however m he is most typically shown separating his children . Geb and Nut , from each other and holding his daughter up as the sky .

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