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March 12, 2012

Egyptian Ra God of the Sun Part 1/2

The Secret Name of Ra and other facts about Ra God
Isis, observing the power and might of Ra God, envied his control over all creatures. She knew that his power, like the breezes, reached to the far corners of the earth and the outermost expanses of the heavens, where he was revered by both humans and gods. In her heart she coveted this power and plotted to discover its secret so that she would be greater than the other gods and would rule over humans. She was well practiced in magic and sought a way of using this art to usurp her great-grandfather's supreme authority.

Ra  God
His power, however, lay in the fact that he alone knew his secret name. Every person and god had many names, but each kept the most potent of them secret in order that others not gain dominion over them through its use. Ra’s secret name was therefore his most carefully guarded possession. He knew that anyone who discovered the name could use it to gain his Power over the world and even to obtain some control over Ra God himself.

Many times he had risen in the morning and made his daily trip through the sky, only to see his radiance sink into the darkness of Tuat every night. The repetition of this act had tired him and he had grown so old and feeble that the saliva dribbled from his mouth and fell upon the earth. Seeing this, Isis quickly took up some of the ground mixed with the spittle and began to mold this clay into the shape of a cobra, the snake associated with the gods and kings of Egypt. The model snake contained Ra’s own substance; therefore he had no defense against its poison.

Isis hid the serpent on the path Ra God took each day on his heavenly journey, and next morning, when Ra God and his followers began their trip, the chief god passed close by the stealthy creature. The snake struck with all its divine force and sank its dart like fangs into the flesh of the father of all the gods. The poison surged through Ra’s body and caused great pain, since it had been created from divine substance.

The cry of rage and pain that escaped from Ra God shook heaven and earth; his followers in the boat gathered round to ask what had caused it. The pain was so great; however, that he could barely answer them. The poison spread through his body as the waters of the Nile spread over the land; his limbs trembled and his teeth chattered. Finally he calmed down enough to tell the gods in the boat that he had been seriously wounded. He was perplexed by the pain because he had thought himself safe from such an attack as long as he kept his name secret. He told them that he had just come out to take a look at the world he had created when something struck him and brought this intense pain, making him burn and shiver at the same time. Then he ordered that his children, the rest of the gods with knowledge of magic, be brought to consult with him.

With weeping and lamentations the gods assembled, but none could relieve the pain since it was caused by Ra’s own substance. None had enough power to find a magical antidote. Naturally, Isis was among those in the crowd, but she said nothing until the others had tried and failed to find a remedy. Calmly she practiced her deceit on the elderly god: “What is this, 0 divine Father? What is this? Has a snake brought pain to you? Has a creation of your hand lifted up its hand against you?” She told him that she would use her magic on his behalf and find a cure.

Still confused by the severe pain, Ra God described the symptoms to her' “I am colder than water, I am hotter than fire. I tremble in all my limbs, and the sweat runs down my face even as in the heat of summer.” This time Isis spoke quietly and softly and offered to help if he would reveal his secret name so that she could use it in her magic: “Tell me your name, 0 divine Father, your true name, your secret name, for only he can live who is called by his name.”

Now let's continue the facts and secrets about Ra God ancient Egyptian God

I am the maker of heaven and earth,
I am the establisher of the mountains,
I am the creator of..... Continue

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