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March 19, 2012

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids List

Preface about Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Map
In a little over a century, the ancient Egyptians built the masonry pyramids, which contained more than twenty five (25) million tons of limestone blocks. These man-made mountains appear to modem eyes to be useless, but they must have been considered useful by the Egyptians.

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Stones
Humankind has confused and clouded the history of Egypt and the pyramids with misrepresentations, deceptions and distortions. From a distance, what we have learned about the pyramids may appear factual, but once we get closer to examine it, it proves to be an illusion.

Many illusions have been retold for so long that they are generally accepted as truth. This Blog is intended to undo many of the false perceptions about the ancient Egyptians’ pyramids, which have been absorbed into our minds, throughout our lives, from history books, movies, television,...etc.

While most references about the pyramids are shallow and repetitive, there are a few books which focus on discovering the truth. These were authored by brave writers who published their findings, regardless of the popularity and acceptance. Among these few who had the courage, is Dr. Joseph Davidovits. His research shed light and substantial evidence, to some of the nagging questions regarding the construction of the pyramids.

A reader of the subject matter will find as many views as there are books. With so many varied views, you may wonder which expert or scholar you want to believe, and why their views vary so much. It is the sad truth that most of the controversial issues could be resolved between the ‘scholars’ if they would take the trouble to consider the evidence presented by the opposition. In The Travelers ’ Key to Ancient Egypt, John Anthony West sums it up:

"Nobody likes being proved wrong, but in the case of the scholar or scientist, a sound theory that contradicts views held and pursued for a lifetime pulls the rug out from under his or her ego, and a familiar paradoxical situation develops, the people professionally engaged in discovering the 'truth' are those psychologically least capable of accepting the 'truth' if it happens to contradict what they already believe.’'

Join us on our journey to the truth about the pyramids. Read this Blog with an open mind.

Egyptian Pyramids
Ancient Egyptian Pyramids map

  • Snefru's Pyramids
                         1 - Meidum Pyramid
                         2 - Red Pyramid
                         3 - Bent Pyramid
  • Khufu Pyramid
                         1 -  Khufu Pyramid Construction
                         2 - The Invisible Ramps in Khufu's Great Pyramid
                         3 - Builder of Great Pyramid and How
                         4 - The Synthetic Blocks


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