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March 13, 2012

Osiris and Isis Adventures Part 2/6

The Adventures of Osiris and Isis Facts Part 2
The infant son of the queen suffered from an incurable illness, but Isis Goddess offered to restore him to health: “I can make him strong and well, but in my own way I will do it, and no one must interfere.” Every day the child seemed stronger, but no one knew what Isis Goddess did to help him. Finally the queen hid herself in the nursery to uncover Isis Goddess ’ secret, and what she saw shocked her.

Isis Goddess first locked the doors and then built a high scorching flame behind them. Putting the child to the flames, she turned herself into a swallow that flew around and around the pillar making the most mournful twitterings. The queen in fright seized her son and began to run from the room, but suddenly she was confronted, not by a strange woman, but by Isis Goddess the goddess. “0 foolish mothers,” said the goddess, “Why did you seize the child? But a few days longer and all that is mortal in him would have been burned away and he would have been like the gods immortal and forever young.” The mother regretted her haste, but recognized that she was in the presence of divinity. When she and her husband asked the goddess to accept a gift for restoring their son to health, all Isis Goddess asked for was the pillar supporting the roof. As soon as this

Osiris and Isis story
Usual request was granted, she sent for carpenters who split open the trunk and removed the chest. Isis Goddess then had the men bind the tree back together and wrap it in fine linen. She strewed it with spices and scented flowers and returned it to the king and queen. (This became the djed pillar, which was worshipped from that day on by the people of Byblos, because it had once held the remains of Osiris God  . Its use spread throughout Egypt, where it became a symbol of strength.) This done, Isis Goddess flung herself on the chest and began her lament for her husband. The sight of the goddess in such distress was so terrible that one of the king’s sons died of fright.

Isis Goddess loaded the chest and body on a ship and set sail for home with the elder of the king’s sons as a passenger. During the voyage she opened the chest and fell into grief over the body. The boy had crept up silently behind her and, when she heard him, she looked round with such terror that he too died on the spot. So it was that the king and queen of Byblos lost a second son to the lamentations of the goddess.

During the voyage Osiris God’ body rested on the open deck. When the waves and currents from a little river they were passing caused the ship to rock, Isis Goddess used her magic to dry up its waters.

Once she had arrived in the safety of the Delta, she set the chest on land and she and Nephthys tried to revive Osiris God. A beautiful hymn extolled Isis Goddess ’ efforts to love her husband as before; she is said to be the goddess:
  • Who worked on your lifeless body with knotted cords?
  • Who warmed your body with the warmth of her breast?
  • Who made air to enter with the beating of her wings?
  • Who made life flow from your body up into Isis?

To the chamber of the abode of life.

The hymn explains that her magic was able to warm and breathe life into Osiris God ’ body long enough for it to stir and impregnate her with Horus. The walls of the Temple of Dendera depict graphically the awakening of Osiris God and Isis Goddess’ appearance as a bird hovering over her husband’s erect penis from which she received the seed that enabled her to continue the great line of the gods.

Seth hunted Isis Goddess down and shut her into a dark prison, but with the help of Anubis, she escaped and fled into the swamps. When the time came for her to deliver her child, she sat alone among the reeds of the river. Her pain was great, but no matter how hard she strained, no matter how hard she pushed, the baby would not be born. Suddenly two gods appeared at her side and smeared her forehead with blood-a sign of life and finally her body split and the boy sprang forth, like the sun when it breaks from darkness. As the day of his birth was the vernal equinox, the beginning of spring, Horus appeared at the time young shoots of grain were beginning to sprout from the darkness of the ground.
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