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August 4, 2012

Tomb Of Haremhab

Tomb Of Haremhab
This tomb, which was plundered in antiquity, has an unimpressive entrance with steps through two corridors and is followed by the well-room (j) and by a hall (4) that was completed to resemble the tomb chamber. The stairway on the left-hand side of this hall, though carefully concealed, was nevertheless found by robbers who, following the corridor (5), passed through the ante-chamber (6) and plundered the tomb chamber (7).

Tomb Of Haremhab Entrance
This tomb is worth a visit for four reasons. First for the extremely high quality of the reliefs of the well-room (3) and the ante-chamber (6). Secondly, to see the stages of mural execution in some of the corridors where the work has not been completed and especially in the burial chamber (7). Thirdly, because in the six-pillared burial hall the sarcophagus is a fine piece of work in red granite with beautifully carved figures of the various deities along with the religious formulae. At the corners goddesses spread their wings to guard the deceased. Their protection was inadequate, for when the American archeologist Davis excavated the tomb in 1905 the mummy was in such poor condition as even to prevent confirmation of its sex Fourthly, because on the higher reaches of the tomb chamber are the symbols for north, south, east and west and it is n cresting to observe that these were instructions for the workers, who were given appropriate decorations for each.

Tomb Of Haremhab


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