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January 31, 2012

Khufu Pyramid Construction

Khufu Pyramid virtual tour - Khufu Pyramid Inside - Khufu Pyramid Height - Khufu Pyramid Construction

Khufu's great Pyramid form The Exterior
Khufu's Great Pyramid
Its base area is approximately 13 acres ( 53,000 sq. meters ) , enough i hold the cathedrals of Florence Milan and St.Peters a, as well Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's .

The sides if its vase are lined up almost exactly with the cardinal points of the compass , The average discrepancy of alignment is only .06% .

The length of the sides of the base vary within 0.08% accuracy limit .

The degrees of accuracy , in orientation towards the cardinal points , keeping the base square and the perfection of the four sloping sides , are incredible , considering the size of the structure.

The angle of elevation of 51 ْ50'35 " , expresses the transcendental number Z with very considerable precision , This particular angle yields the unique geometrical property that the ratio of the pyramids perimeter to its height is equal to 2Z where Z is the transcendental number 3.141. Some people insisted that this geometrical relationship had to be accidental . They claim hat the builder of the pyramids laid out its dimensions by rolling a drum along the ground . There is no evidence whatever that the Egyptians ever measured anything by rolling by a drum . The Egyptians laid out their temples by a well-known and often depicted method called "stretching the cord " .

Any logical person cannot expect that such an imaginary drum just happened to stop rolling at 377' (115m) , which is the center of the Great Pyramid . And nobody could except such a rolling drum to yield dimensions within a few millimeters of accuracy , 1/8 of one degree of the earth's latitude a at the equator .

Studies have revealed a wealth of geometric , mathematical and proportional properties such as :

Khufu's Great Pyramid
1 - The Pyramid acts as an enormous sundial . Its Shadow to the north , and it's reflected sunlight to the south , annually marked solstices ( long est and shortest days in the year) , and equinoxes ( days of equal day / night ) very accurately .

2 - Egyptians , since the very beginning of rerecorded history in ancient Egypt , knew dimensions of the earth . The Great Pyramid is , in some sense , a model of the earth . Contained within it are elements that relate to dimensions of the earth , Such as :

a - It's apex represented the pole and the perimeter that the ratio of the perimeter to the height is equal to (2* Z) .

b- The Great Pyramid represents the northern hemisphere , to a scale of 1:43,200 . This scale , for the northern hemisphere , represents in half of 86,400 . There are 86,400 seconds in 24 hours for both hemispheres .

C - The very small discrepancies (of several inches over the 754-foot length (230m) of the base) ere deliberate . they were meant to incorporate into the Pyramid the "discrepancies" of the itself, which is the flatting of the earth's globe at the poles .

The pyramid consists of 203 steps . The heights of the steps continually decrease from bottom to top .However , here hundreds of blocks weighting from fifteen (15) to thirty (30) tones situated near the "King's Chamber . Blocks of this size are so large that they occupy the space of two tiers

The pyramids as surrounding by and built partly upon a pavement it platform of limestone blocks. portions of which can be seen at the northern and eastern sides .

The pyramid symbolizes the creative principle of geometry , mathematics , astronomy , and astrology . the interior of the building may have served as a temple of initiation where men rose towards God and God descended towards man .

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