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September 20, 2013

The Tomb of Amenhotep II

Tomb of Amenhotep II
Amenhotep’s tomb is one of the most beautiful in the Valley of the Kings. When it was excavated in 1898 it was found to contain, not only the mummy of Amenhotep himself, festooned and garlanded, but other mummified bodies as well, including nine of royalty.

Tomb of Amenhotep II
Apparently the tomb had been violated in ancient times and robbed of all its treasures, with the exception of the quartzite- sandstone sarcophagus. The priests, who reasoned that the robbers would not return to the tomb, decided to bury there the bodies saved from other tombs. This last attempt to safeguard the mummies was successful. Among those identified were the mummies of Thutmose IV, Amenhotep III, Seti II, Ramses IV, V and VI.

Tomb of Amenhotep II
The first corridors of Amenhotep’s tomb are rough and undecorated. They lead to a pit (now bridged), a false burial chamber (1) and finally the tomb chamber (2). The tomb chamber is supported by six pillars decorated with figures of the dead pharaoh and the great gods. The outlines are in black. The crowns, jewellery, belts and border decorations are in colour. They are offset bv the dark blue roof, covered with stars.

Amenhotep II Mummy


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