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September 24, 2013

The Sciences in Ancient Egypt

The Sciences
According to the teachings of the priest man acquired his ideas on science from Thot, the lunar god also called Hermes Trismegistus, a Greek name meaning « three times very great ». The social institutions of Ancient Egypt were attributed to another Hermes. Considered to be the inventor of writing he (Thot or Hermes the second?) wrote all his works under the inspiration of the Supreme God.

The Sciences in Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt was very advanced in astronomy. From earliest times the Egyptians, following their observations of the motion of the celestial bodies, had used an astronomical year divided into three agricultural seasons of four months each corresponding to flooding, sowing and harvesting. To the total of 360 days thus obtained were added five extra days called « epagome- ni » which were treated as major feast days. On the other hand as far as medicine was concerned we find that from earliest times it was associated with magic. Various medical texts, some on gynecology, some containing formulae and remedies, some on surgery, have come down to us.

The Sciences in Ancient Egypt
Egyptian doctors were certainly familiar with the therapeutic value of some plants. On the other hand they did not have a very thorough knowledge of anatomy which is somewhat surprising in view of the fact that they practised mummification.

The Sciences in Ancient Egypt
This is because of their religious beliefs which considered the body to be sacred.

The Sciences in Ancient Egypt


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