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March 1, 2012

Love poem From Geb to Nut

The Pyramid Texts contained a long poem spoken by Geb to his wife:

Geb and Nut family Tree
Nut! You became a spirit
You waxed mighty in the belly of your mother,
Tefnut, before you were born.
How mighty is your heart!
You stirred in the belly of your mother in the name of Nut,
You are indeed a daughter more powerful than her mother ...
Great One who has become the sky!
You have the mastery, you have filled every place with your beauty,
The whole earth lies beneath you, you have taken possession thereof, you have enclosed the whole earth and everything therein within your arms ...
As Geb I shall impregnate you in your name of sky,
shall join the whole earth to you in every place.
high above the earth!
You are supported upon your father Shu,
But you have power over him,
He so loved you that he placed himself and all things beside-beneath you.

This love-poem contained the essence of Nut’s character: she was the sky who shared a very special relationship with the earth beneath her. Nut became pregnant by her husband and was supported by her father. Each day the sun god passed through her on his voyage in the solar boat, and the stars were part of her being, as children are part of their mother.

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