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March 23, 2012

Sahara City in Cairo Egypt

From the Hotel Mena House it takes an hour on horseback for the round-trip excursion to Sahara City. “Sahara” means “desert,” and as the name implies, the city lies right in the middle of the desert.' The city itself is really just a collection of tents which are nightclubs. The nightclubs operate throughout the summer season with their own belly dancers.

Sahara City Cairo
A few of the more adventurous tourists do their sightseeing from the back of a camel. Staying on a camel’s back, especially with the disturbing undulating motion as the animal walks, can be hard work if the rider is inexperienced, so this should be carefully considered before attempting camel riding.

The turf of the golf course in front of the hotel is not the best because of the dry desert climate. Nevertheless, there is a rather expansive feeling about taking a swing in the direction of the Pyramids, as if one is somehow propelling a small white ball backward in time, through thousands of years to antiquity.

Many tourists erroneously think that the three Great Pyramids at Giza are the only ones in Egypt, but there are actually some sixty or more located a little further south. The most famous of these lesser-known monuments is the Step Pyramid of Saqqarah. The Step Pyramid was built around 2800 B.C. for King Zoser Neterikhet. The king had come from Nubia in the soifth and established the Memphis Dynasty which ruled the Sinai Peninsula and Nubia. He constructed a capital at Memphis on the west bank of the Nile, just east of the pyramid fields at Saqqarah. These pyramids were the burial places of the kings of Memphis, but at the city of Memphis is a small alabaster sphinx with the face of Ramses II and a mammoth statue of him lying full-length on the sand. Erosion has done its work on the part of the statue directly in contact with the sand so that it now crumbles away at a touch. A second statue of Ramses II was moved from Memphis in 1955 and placed in front of Cairo Central Station.

Sahara City Cairo
A sight that should not be missed at Saqqarah is the Serapeum, one of the subterranean tombs of the sacred Apis bulls. In the great alabaster slab containing their mummified remains, one can almost see the animals’ blood flowing in the veins.

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