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June 8, 2012

Egyptian Pyramid and Nature Of Geometry

The Nature Of Geometry
It is reasonable to speculate that there are two basic types of Geometry in the universe which may be classified as follows:
  1. Static Geometry
  2. Dynamic Geometry
We can further understand static Geometry as that geometry which does not need the numbers PI (3.14) and PHI (1.618) to determine its dimensions and volume elements. Dynamic Geometry can be considered as that Geometry which always needs PI or PHI to determine its dimensions and volume elements.

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
It was believed by the ancient philosophers stead of one unit long. This indicates that the height of the Great Pyramid was chosen to represent dynamic geometry, on the other hand, the shape of the pyramid directly implies static geometry. The floor of the King’s Chamber has the shape of a perfect Golden Rectangle which gives all the information necessary to construct the Fibonacci series and the logarithmic spiral. The logarithmic spiral is a function of PHI and is consequently a building block of dynamic geometry. In Figure (17) we show a diagram of the logarithmic spiral, see the book by Adler for a full derivation of the spiral’s mathematical aspects.

Evidence of the Fibonacci series and the logarithmic spiral occur throughout the natural world. In Figure (18) we show the shell of the chambered nautilus which has the shape of a perfect logarithmic spiral. In Figure (19) we show how the perfect form of the human body can be ascertained through use of the Fibonacci series. Certain occult symbols, such as the star of David, or the five pointed star, have distances measured in Fibonacci numbers. This star is shown in Figure (20) and is sometimes called the Golden Triangle.

Throughout all the universe, the processes of life and death are common. I consider birth as a transition from static to dynamic geometry and death as a transition from dynamic to static geometry. A perfect dynamic sphere, like our sun, dies by radiating back into a static cube. The sun was created by having energy focused from the planes of the static cube towards a point within the cube. This idea is contrary to the modern concept of a Black Hole because a black hole implies that mass of high density can exist which will not expand into a gaseous state again. I wish to point out that a Black hole has never been discovered, and according to my hypothesis, it will never be discovered. The Black Hole concept is a consequence of a failure in the postulates of modem Geometrical Physics. Just as all of the mass of a star was brought into being (by a projection) from static geometry, all of its mass must return to the static geometry from which it came (by means of radiation). The shape of the Great Pyramid denotes concentration of matter from a gaseous state (base of pyramid) to the solid state (peak of pyramid) by means of “concentration.” It implies that a force is necessary to bring about the concentration and this force may be analogous to the power of the “mind” to concentrate towards a single point.

Modem Physics is trying to prove that all Physics is a result of pure geometry. I disagree with this concept, believing that geometry is only the “structure” of space and that “light” is housed within this structure. The discrete resonance phenomena, present in all of atomic physics, appears to be a consequence of light waves acting on the geometry of space. We should be able to describe the movement of light by means of dynamic geometry; and the cavities, within which light is resonating, by means of static geometry.

The fact that the Great Pyramid was built in such a manner as to imply “squaring the circle” and “cubing the sphere” 2 means to me that the ancients were trying to tell us that the static form should be shifted to the dynamic form. The pyramid can be easily shifted to a cone and the cube can be likewise shifted to a sphere. The cone is a perfect representation of the dynamic concentration of energy. This implies that the shape of the cone is connected with creation in some manner. On the other hand, the logarithmic spiral gives the impression of outward “expansion.” Consequently, I assume that it is connected with the transition from the dynamic geometrical state to the static geometrical state.

Another interesting point may be brought out by considering the volume of the Great Pyramid, using units such that each side is two units long. A cube, with each side being two units long, has a volume of 8 cubic units. Assume that each cubic unit contains a unit of energy, then we can say that the cube has a volume of 8 units containing 8 units of energy. Six times the volume of the Great Pyramid of Egypt contains 8 times the square root of PHI units of volume; thus, it can represent 8 times the square root of PHI energy units. This means that the pyramid represents more energy than is necessary to sustain an associated cube. This implies that energy is contained within the cube; consequently, we assume that this energy is light energy.

From Newton we understand that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Since the universe must always be in perfect balance, it is logical to assume that there must be a reaction or counterpart to all perceived forces and entities. For example, in Physics we know that if we have a positive charge located at some distance above ground, we can plot the field between the charge and ground by assuming that there is another charge, which is negative, located an equal distance below ground. In other words, when a positive charge is present, a negative charge must also be implicitly present, even though it is not physically present. Thus, I assume that there is implicitly present one or more anti-pyramids to the Great Pyramid.

By virtue of its asymmetry the Pyramid implies two directions of thought projection, one towards the apex, which we take to represent material creation, and one towards the base which we take to represent destruction. The anti-destruction pyramid is back-to-back to the actual pyramid and is located below ground, see Figure (21). The anti-construction pyramid is peak to peak with the actual pyramid and is located above the apex, see Figure (22). The joint action of the construction and anti-construction pyramids bring about creation, the joint action of the destruction and anti-destruction pyramids bring about the expansion and death of that which has been created. Destruction and construction interact cyclically with one another. Consequently, we see that from the Great Pyramid, the same conclusions can be drawn that were determined by Dr. Walter Russell while in a state of cosmic consciousness.3 We illustrate the combined life-death cycle in Figure (23). where the rod joins the rocket ship. From conclusions such as this, it is determined that spacetime acts very much like a curved space (dynamic geometry). It is further determined, from General Relativity, that the space-time diagram, which describes the accelerating rocket ship with respect to the rest of the universe, has the form of two cones, apex to apex as illustrated in Figure (25). This is directly analogous to what has been deduced from the Great Pyramid. This space-time cone has very interesting interpretations: The point where the apexes of the two cones meet is the anchor for all action in the system. The ancient Hindus believed that the entire being of all created things are balanced about a single point. All events which happen in the domain of the space-time cone of the space ship happen simultaneously in the point at which the two cones meet. In other words, the past and the future have no meaning at the point at which the two cones meet. “All that was is, now; and all that shall be is, now!” Indeed, this is an eternal and cosmic concept of which we, at present, understand but little. From the point of view of the accelerating space ship, all heavenly bodies which are located in the upper cone accelerate downward to the apex and all heavenly bodies located in the lower cone accelerate upward to the apex. This is directly analogous to the manner in which atomic particles are created by accelerating light towards the point of concentration.

The Time Theory of Nikolai Kozyrev4 is also implied in the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Asymmetry is the cornerstone of this theory of time and asymmetry is implied in the Great Pyramid by the number PHI. The logarithmic spiral is an asymmetrical structure. If a system is in perfect balance, there is no possible way for motion to appear in it. One of the' primary purposes of asymmetry in nature is to set up the proper conditions to bring about motion. According to Kozyrev, time has the ability to decrease the entropy of a system; however, the action of time upon a system is so minute that it goes undetected in the physical system with which we are familiar. If the action of time upon a system does become noticeable, the engineers just attribute it to system perturbations. In the Great Pyramid of Egypt, the action of the flow of time has been amplified, by the shape of the pyramid, to make it capable of preserving organic matter. Time- flow and Bioplasma are just different terms used to describe the same mysterious force which is responsible for the creation and maintenance of all material systems. According to Kozyrev, bioplasma has the ability to increase the energy of a system but it is unable to affect the momentum of a system.

Bioplasma should have properties which are just the reverse of nuclear energy. It was Dr. Wilhelm Reich who first experimented with this idea in what he referred to as “The Oranur Experiment.” 5 In this experiment it was found that bioplasma reacted violently with radioactive material, producing a by-product that was extremely dangerous to life for a short period of time. However, it was also found that the radioactivity was reduced by the action of the bioplasma. This experiment gives evidence that bioplasma is definitely a creative force which acts in the opposite direction to nuclear force. In the words of Kozyrev: “If mechanics enables us some day to detect and control vital processes outside organic life, operating machines will renovate (and not only exhaust) the world’s potentialities. Thus, a genuine harmony between man and nature may be established. Abstract as this dream sounds, it has a realistic basis.”

From these considerations, we understand that “Time” is simply the geometrical aspect of bioplasma, expressing as static geometry; whereas, concentration (the focusing of energy) is its dynamic aspect, expressing through dynamic geometry. The reciprocal action between dynamic and static geometry bring about the processes of decay and death, together with construction and life. In Figure (23) the Life-Death cycle is illustrated. The static planes house the causes of creation, and the focus points embody the effects of creation. In other words, all causes in the universe are inherent in static geometry, whereas, all effects are grounded in dynamic geometry.


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