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June 9, 2012

The Egyptian Pyramid Patent Facts P2

The patent was conceived for the “Cheops-type”, where the baseline can be easily calculated by multiplying the height of the pyramid by (i.e., 1.57079), which is exactly specified in the patent description. However, the invention is not limited to this specific form since I have found, through an extremely large number of different experiences, that other pyramidal shapes (types) are also able to affect the razor-blade edge in the same manner as the Cheops- type. I have specified this possibility in the patent description, which also indicates why (with regard to my hypothesis) the pyramid-model cavity works (or is supposed to work) on the fine crystalitic structure of the edge.

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
The title of the patent specification is as follows: “Device for maintaining the sharpness of razor blades and razors.” [It is made very clear here that the device is NOT a SHARPENER (which is only a “symbolic” definition) but a REGENERATOR.]

The last paragraph of the description, containing my explanations provided for a better understanding of my hypothesis, which was accepted by the examiners, follows herewith:

“This invention was specially tested for a specific pyramid-shape device, but is not restricted only to this one specific form, meaning that it can also be valuable for other geometric forms of dielectric material, used in the manner described in this invention, explained in the following working definition:

In the space enclosed by this form, an automatic regeneration process will start, affecting the razor blade edge, produced only by the said cavity (this means that the excitation of this cavity is only produced by the surrounding cosmic and terrestrial field, e.g., electric, magnetic, electromagnetic, gravitic, corpuscular and perhaps other fields and energies, not yet defined). This process, acting on the razor- blade edge by producing a diminution of the number of inner disturbances (dislocations, provoked by the shaving process) in the lattice bonds of the micro- crystalitic structure of the edge-shape (it must be steel of the best quality), have as a result caused a REGENERATION of the edge-material of its fine, crystalitic structure; a regeneration which operates a renovation of the mechanical and physical properties of the razor-blade edge, removing the “fatigue” of the material, issued from the shaving action, and all this only if the crystal lattice disturbances are of elastic type and not of definitive type (e.g., mechanical destruction-action on the edge).”

Let me comment here that a necessary supposition is that the blade steel is of very first quality, so that the deformation of the microstructure-blade-edge, produced by multiple shavings, is not of definitive, but of elastic, character.

The pyramid (type Cheops, or other form), or any appropriate resonator for the same use, has only to produce an acceleration in the restoration of the elastic deformation to the original (or nearly original) state of the edge; acceleration which, instead of the normal (without the regeneration device) fifteen to thirty days, is improved in only twenty-four hours! This is the real secret of the pyramid-resonant cavity action on the edge of the razor blade.

The pyramid (or other appropriate resonant cavity) is the only device which can do the helpful job on the razor-blade-edge-crystal gaps of driving out the dipole water molecules by resonant action on this dipole; we can, therefore symbolically, say that it dehydrates the edge of the razor blade.

The question, then, is raised as to why the pyramid models must be made from dielectrical materials. The answer is simply that microwaves can penetrate this material and energize (feed) the resonant cavity. This is a very old discovery (see: Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 10, June 1939, pp. 391-398; Richtmyer, R. D., Stanford University, California “Dielectric Resonators”).

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