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June 10, 2012

Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Energy Part 3

Another interesting observation made by many of the participants in these experiments was when they raised their hands into the apex, they experienced a pricking sensation, as if tiny needles were being stuck into the extremity.

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
The experimenters also reported that there are some spots in the pyramid which are not beneficial for example, individuals who stood or sat in one particular spot inside the pyramid experienced headaches within a very short period of time.

Allegedly, the most beneficent energies inside the pyramid are focused within the so-called heart center. This is the spot which is probably the “safest” for the incubation of thought-forms. However, it has been suggested that different thought-forms might best be incubated at different spots in order for the person inside the pyramid to receive the energy most advantageous in fulfilling the specific thought-form.

States director A1 Manning, “. . . this part of our project has great promise, but we must await further experimentation before commenting on its practical value.”
In another experiment Manning invited an unnamed television producer, and David St. Clair, author of The Psychic World of California, to spend approximately twelve minutes inside the six-foot pyramid. The three men stood inside the structure, talked, then stepped outside. As they left the pyramid, both the producer and St. Clair mentioned that they felt slightly “woozy.” The next day St. Clair phoned Manning and told him that when he got home the night before he had had to cancel a cocktail party because he was too sleepy to attend. He reported that he had fallen asleep around 6:30 p.m. and woke up feeling fantastically well. “That Pyramid,” he said, “really cleaned out my aura.”

The organization claims that they have also had excellent results with experimental attempts to use the pyramid to relieve migraine-type headaches.

Many other claims have been made as to the healing properties of pyramids and many attempts have been made to explain these properties. One theory is that the pyramid focuses and intensifies unidentifiable energies to the extent that healing is possible. Another theory is that the atmosphere inside the pyramid stimulates an acceleration of enzyme action which accounts for the effects of mummification, preservation and possibly even the intensity of meditation. This explanation has lead one physician to suggest that the pyramid might be useful in the treatment of intractable edema and even possibly as an aid to organ regeneration. This leads to the speculation that in the near future, hospitals will store vital organs for transplant purposes in pyramid-shaped containers.

One amateur pyramid researcher in Illinois suggests that the pyramid might be useful in the healing, or alleviation, of arthritis or rheumatism. She advises the sufferer to place the hand directly under the apex of a miniature pyramid, with the palm either up or down. Within seconds a tingling sensation will be felt in the hand, caused by a powerful vortex of energies spiraling within the pyramid. She claims that in order to “fully charge” the hand, levitation of the extremity must take place inside the pyramid. Ostensibly, after approximately seven minutes inside the pyramid, the hand will begin to hover of its own volition. The hand is then fully charged and may be removed from the pyramid. Possibly, in the process of levitation, the hand has risen to the one-third level, where the* sharpening and preserving powers act as an healing charge.

Many individuals have recently acquired pyramid tents which they use for meditational purposes. These people claim they experience a range of feelings from calmness to extreme euphoria during their meditation sessions. The most common syndrome seems to begin with a relaxation of the body, then a shutting out of unnecessary external stimuli and irrelevant thoughts and a final achievement of an altered state of consciousness which allows the individual to concentrate on deeper inner levels.

A great number of people who use meditation pyramids on a regular basis report that they have experienced a definite loss of worry and tension. Others claim that they have attained a heightened charge of psychic energy, increased memory recall, views of past incarnations, visions, dreams, indescribably beautiful colors, forms, symbols, or music “from the spheres.” Still others report that they hear the sound of om (ahm) a mantra of the universal

“I” when inside the pyramid, and some claim to receive wisdom and insights from higher planes. There are reports of experiences of precognition, interplanetary travel, telepathic communications, answers to prayers, and over-all revitalization of the entire being. Since these astounding assertions have not been recorded under control conditions they can only be considered hearsay. However, it may be possible to use some of the brain wave recording technology to substantiate or refute at least some of these metaphysical claims.

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