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June 10, 2012

Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Energy Part 2

E.S.P. Laboratory, a psychical-research organization based in Los Angeles, California, is conducting experiments in which the pyramid shape is actually used as an incubator for thought forms. The organization’s director, A1 Manning, explains that the pyramid form functions as a geometric amplifier which increases the power of prayer or strengthens the spiritual request of a religious devotee. Members of this world-wide organization are ostensibly experiencing “outstanding successes” in this use of the pyramid form.

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
The technique is fairly simple, but does involve a fair amount of occult training. The first step is to order a small cardboard pyramid which is packaged with a pad of triangular sheets of paper. These sheets come in four colors: blue, for healing; green, for love; orange, for mental clarity; and yellow, for intuition.

The experimenter then chooses a colored triangle most suited to his or her need, and writes a statement of a particular goal, or a request for the solution to a specific problem on that sheet. For example, should you wish to hasten the healing of a broken bone, you would write your request on a blue piece of paper; if you wanted to heal a lovers’ quarrel, you would instead choose a green sheet.

The instructions stress that the request be worded as plainly and specifically as possible. If your thoughts are vague or confused, the experimenter is told, wait before writing your request. Later your thought will clarify itself and you will be able to write down exactly what it is you wish.

The experimenter then holds the paper between his or her palms and repeats a specific chant apparently provided by the organization twice. The apex of the triangle is then folded down to the base and the bottom folded up, so that the paper ends up folded into thirds. Next, the folded triangle is placed on the base of the pyramid, with the base aligned in a north-south direction and the written “thought- form” on the bottom. The palms of the hands are then placed above the colored paper and the chant is repeated again. The pyramid structure is then appropriately aligned over the base and the thought- form incubation period has begun.

Apparently, it takes anywhere from three to nine days for the thought-form to complete its “gestation period.” During that time the process is aided by chanting and feeding the thought-form by focusing on it mentally through the north side of the pyramid once every day.

When the experimenter feels that the thought-form has incubated long enough, he or she removes the pyramid from its base and picks up the paper with the thought-form written on it The paper is then unfolded. A lower comer of the paper is grasped and the triangle is then set on fire. Once the flame has completely devoured the paper, the ashes are thrown into a fireproof receptacle which has been kept at hand throughout the proceedings.

The burning procedure is accomplished so that the thought-form can be released. It is compared to the fledgling’s leaving the nest once it is sufficiently mature it must be free to accomplish its purpose. Having completely liberated the thought-form (not a single shred of paper should remain) the experimenter then awaits die fulfillment of his or her request, knowing that the fire, the most powerful of the four holy elements, has released a fully-charged thought-form which will soon be translated into a reality.

As complex and bizarre as this procedure sounds, from all over the world, members of this organization have reported that their incubator pyramids have satisfied their requests in the form of new jobs or business ventures, money and jewelry among other things. Whether or not the requests which brought their receptors these material objects were of a religious nature, those who believe that their prayers were fulfilled are not complaining.

To further their research, E.S.P. Laboratory has constructed, at its Los Angeles headquarters, two life-size (six and eight feet high) pyramids. They have, one spokesman claims, discovered that the pyramid shape has numerous energy centers, called chakras, which are much like the centers in the human body. They also claim that they have discovered that the pyramid is relative to the human body in the same way that the key of E-flat (the pyramid) is relative to the key of C (the body).

Better than 80 percent of the experimental participants claimed that they could pinpoint definite energy centers inside the pyramids. Of these people, almost all noticed that the energy was of a higher frequency in the upper portions of both the six- and the eight-foot pyramids. An equally high percentage of persons noted that in the lower portions they felt a mildly warm and soothing feeling.

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