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June 8, 2012

Egyptian Pyramid Power Facts Part 2

Eleanor Merry, author of The Flaming Door, seems to agree with Hall that, “the interior of the Great Pyramid was a ‘house of death’, where the spiritual rebirth of initiation could take place and whence man could go out from the physical body in the death trance of initiation and return, in a higher consciousness to the place of his origin that is to a vision of the spiritual world.”

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
Unfortunately, neither Hall nor Merry offer any concrete evidence to support their remarkable conclusions. In fact, there is no record of anyone who visited ancient Egypt having actually experienced or even watched the religious practices they described.

The closest thing on record to a first-hand account is Dr. Paul Brunton’s description in his book, A Search in Secret Egypt, of his experiences during the one night he spent inside the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

After going through the Egyptian bureaucratic hierarchy, Dr. Brunton succeeded in getting permission to spend a night inside the Great Pyramid.

In earlier chapters we have mentioned that the King’s Chamber is strategically located inside the Pyramid. In addition to its location, the atmosphere and temperature of the chamber seems to have some mysterious significance. Says Dr. Brunton, “It has a peculiar death like cold which cuts to the marrow of the bone.” He adds that it is said that upon striking the great coffer an unusual sound is emitted which is impossible to duplicate on any known musical instrument.

Dr. Brunton recounts that upon entering the King’s Chamber he found a marble slab next to the large coffer which, incidentally, is exactly aligned on the north-south axis. Dr. Brunton had had some training in the Egyptian religion and was also quite knowledgeable about some of the more recent discoveries in parapsychology. He had therefore prepared himself by fasting for three days prior to his night in the Pyramid. This, he explains, put him in a receptive frame of mind to experience whatever phenomenon existed in the Pyramid as described by Hall, Merry and others.

Sitting with his back to the great coffer, Dr. Brunton decided to turn off his flashlight. The atmosphere inside the chamber, he says, was distinctly “psychic.” There was something in the air. An unknown negative presence could be felt. Dr. Brunton experienced a strong urge to leave the chamber and retreat. Instead, he forced himself to stand firm, even though grotesque and deformed entities flitted and flew about the chamber, goading Brunton’s sensibility and sanity. It took every ounce of boldness and courage he possessed to fight off his ever-mounting fear. The combination of darkness and the negative presences convinced him that he would never spend another night in the Great Pyramid.

Then, as suddenly as the negative atmosphere had come, it dissipated. He felt, at first, a friendly air come alive in the chamber. Next, he discerned two figures who looked like high priests. Suddenly, inside his head, he heard the words of one of the priests. The priest was asking Brunton why he had come and if the world of mortals wasn’t enough for him. Brunton answered, “No, that cannot be.”

The priest replied, “The way of dream will draw thee far far from the fold of reason. Some have gone upon it and come back mad. Turn now, whilst there is yet time and follow the path appointed for mortal feet.”

Brunton insisted that he must stay. The priest who had spoken to him turned and disappeared. The other priest requested that Brunton lie upon the coffer, just as had the initiates of old. Brunton lay down upon the coffer. Suddenly a force came over him. In a few seconds he was hovering outside his body. He was in another dimension of less stress and strain. He could see a silver luster connecting his new body with the one lying on the coffer. He became aware of a feeling of freedom.

Later, he found himself with the second priest who told Brunton that he must return with a message: “Know, my son, that in this ancient fane lies the lost record of the early races of man and of the Covenant which they made with the Creator through the first of His great prophets. Know, too, that chosen men were brought here of old to be shown this Covenant that they might return to their fellows and keep the great secret alive. Take back with thee the warning that when men forsake their Creator and look on their fellows with hate, as with the princes of Atlantis in whose time this pyramid was built, they are destroyed by the weight of their own iniquity, even as the people of Atlantis were destroyed.”

As the priest finished speaking Brunton suddenly found himself back in his body. He felt it to be cumbersome compared to the one he had just inhabited. He got up, put on his jacket and checked his watch. It was exactly twelve midnight, the hour that is customarily associated with strange events. His subconscious had played a joke on him. And Brunton, seeing the humor of it, laughed.

When morning arrived he made his way to the entrance. Upon leaving, he looked up to the sun, the ancient Egyptian god Ra, and silently gave thanks for his light.

Admittedly, Dr. Brunton’s account sounds like 109 the description of a dream incorporating details derived from readings of old religious texts. Unfortunately, it would be extremely difficult to repeat the doctor’s experiment for one’s self, since the Egyptian authorities only grant permission to spend the night in the Pyramid in the rarest of circumstances. Whether or not one accepts Dr. Brunton’s story, we must concede that it gibes with the rejuvenation theories as cited in many and varied sources.

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