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May 13, 2012

Interesting Facts about Aswan Egypt

Approach to Aswan: The Country Changes, 1817
Dr. Robert Richardson

... We came in sight of the mountain range that bounds the extremity of Egypt towards the south. On the west of the river, the mountain range that had accompanied us all the way from Cairo, destitute of vegetation throughout the whole extent, began to assume a bolder aspect, rising into a round bluff point, overlooking the plain, the town, the ruins of Assuan, the island of Elephantina, the rugged cataract, and the branching Nile. It is called Djibl Howa, or mountain of the wind. Its summit is crowned with the tomb of Sheikh Bass, an honoured Maraboot; halfway down its side are the extensive ruins of the convent of St George, with numerous vaults and excavations, soliciting the attention of the enquiring traveller.


On the east bank of the river the mountain is low, the valley more extended, cultivated and covered with the picturesque palm tree. The aspect gradually ascends in a rocky inclination, and, winding towards the west, terminates at the river, in a precipitous granite cliff, on which stand the ruined walls and houses of the ancient Syene.

Passing the eye along the river as we advance, it was impossible not to be impressed with the singular majesty of its appearance, parted at the bottom of the cataract by the granite base of the green and beautiful island of Elephantina, it poured along its sides as if from an invisible source, and, having joined its divided waters at the low northern end of the island, held on its noble and rapid course to the ocean

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