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May 9, 2012

Luncheon with Osiris, 1904 | Luxor - Walking Through Egypt

Luncheon with Osiris, 1904
William Jarvie

After visiting the second temple we went back to Abydos and in the Hypostile Hall found our dragoman had arranged a most sumptuous repast, which he had brought from our boat. He had one of our tablecloths spread upon a table around which were our chairs. The first course was sardines, olives, bread and butter; second, eggs; third, cold tongue and ham; fourth, chicken and salad; fifth, pudding; sixth, oranges, bananas, dates and figs; seventh, coffee. With this were various condiments, such as Cross and Blackwell’s mustard pickles, chutney, etc., wine for

Mrs. Thayer and myself, Poland water and vichy celeste for James and Maggie. A fine spread, was it not?

We made quite a caravan coming back, for in addition to our four, there were our dragoman, our head waiter and four of the crew. We had also a dashing Egyptian cavalryman upon a superb horse. He had been on duty at the temple and seemed to take a fancy to us, for he rode with us all the way back to Belianah, and occasionally would clear the way of camels, which he sometimes thought were taking up too much of the road and might squeeze us as we passed.


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