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May 13, 2012

Cataract Egyptian Hotel in Aswan

The Cataract Hotel and the Invalid, 1899 
W.E. Kingsford

In the construction of this hotel great attention has been given to the requirements of invalids most of the rooms have verandas, and a warm, sunny aspect; many are fitted with fireplaces, and the position and form of the building has been chosen to provide shelter from the prevailing winds. The sanitary arrangements have been carefully studied, Moule’s earth closet system being adopted, and the water being filtered through Reevesgravity, and Berkefeld filters.

Egyptian Hotels
Every modem convenience is provided in the form of electric light, hot and cold water baths etc, and a reference to the plan will show that there are a number of Private sitting rooms to meet the requirements of invalids. There is an English physician and nurse in Assuan, and an English housekeeper is in charge of the domestic arrangements of the Hotel.

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