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May 12, 2012

To the Valley of the Kings, 1904 | Luxor - Walking Through Egypt

To the Valley of the Kings, 1904 
William Jarvie

Valley of the Kings

28 January
We rode through a valley which wound about hills and giant rocks for about four miles up to the place known as the ‘Tombs of the Kings’. You cannot imagine a more appropriate way to these tombs, for it is truly a way of the dead. Not a tree, not a shrub, not a blade of grass, not even a human being lives in this valley. Yet it is marvellously beautiful in its impressiveness, and the grand tombs at the end are a fitting termination and a most fitting place for the burial of these great men.
We went into the tombs of Sethos I, Rameses I, VI and IX, and afterwards had lunch in a tomb, which had been prepared for that purpose.

To the Valley of the Kings, 1938
H.V. Morton
It is a pity that the donkeys that once took you there have almost disappeared, because the slow ride into the Valley of the Dead, the gradual approach to that fiery cleft in the hills, every yard becoming more grim and more desolate, was, 1 think, a better approach than the rush in a car over a bumpy road.


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