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February 1, 2012

Pyramid of Khafre Facts Q and A

Now we will talk about Khafre Pyramid  from Exterior and the next article we will speak about Khafre Pyramid from Interior

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Khafre Pyramid
So Khafre built this Pyramid ?
Khafre ( Chephren in Greek) succeeded Djedefre and reigned from 2520-2494 B.C ) . he is credited with building this Pyramid .

The are you using the word " Credit?" Did he or didn't he build it ?
Like all the other Pyramids of Giza for Zoser;s , it is essentially anonymous . The attribution is made through Herodotus account and the surrounding funerary complex , which repeatedly refers to his name , but not as the builder of this pyramid . There are no inscriptions in the Pyramid , nor is there any evidence that Khafre or anyone else was ever buried in the stone chest , embedded in the main room .

I know that this pyramid is smaller than Khufu's. But why does it look bigger to me?
It looks bigger to everybody because :

1 - It was built on slightly higher ground than Khufu's .
2 - It maintained its summit , while Khufu;s Pyramid lost of top33' (10m).

As it is the most preserved pyramid of the Giza group , it stands close to Khufu's and in size is almost its twin .

How about the casing blocks here and in Ancient Egypt ?
The upper courses consist of fine-grained limestone casing blocks
The lower courses consist of granite casing blocks.
The casing stones fit perfectly together with tongue and groove joints .
There are still a large number of the while limestone casing stones , on the upper courses.

Khafre Pyramid
How did they ever manage to install the casing stones without chipping the corners even slightly ?
As we said before , you don;t see any broken stones anywhere in the Giza Plateau . This goes to confirm again that pyramid blocks and casing stones were probably molded on site .

It makes sense , but is there more evidence ?
Let us look at some of these blocks . In some of them , you can see the outline of a stone incorporated into the block , which means that such such blocks were cat and cloud not have been quarried .

How about the stone block sizes here ?
Just like Khufu's Pyramid , the heights of of blocks here are staggered , but they all have the same width .

Uniform width of blocks is another indication that they were molded . Right ?
Exactly. Also , Dr .Joseph Davidovits, the chemist and t Egyptologist ,checked the twenty-two steps near the top , and found them to conform to ten uniform lengths . yet more strong evidence that the blocks cloud never have been quarried with such uniform lengths .

Stones at the Temples of Khafre
Since we are on the subject of the molding or quarrying question , let us go and check the large blocks at the Mortuary Temple and the Valley Temple of Khafre.

OK With me .
There is a lot to talk about this are , but let us just focus the core limestone blocks , which were used to build these Temples.

Some of these huge coarse blocks weigh well over a hundred tones. A few of them weigh up to 5000 tones apiece . These Huge blocks are very closely fitted.

Notice these wavy horizontal lines in them. If these blocks were quarried , they would show a straight line for different strata.

Why are these lines wavy and not horizontal ?
The wavy line indicates that they stopped pouring the synthetic concrete for the day , or that a problem occurred which caused work stoppage , for several hours .
When a huge block of concrete is cast it takes more than as single day to complete the job .

This is too overwhelming . I can't argue the evidence . The evidence is all over!
To quarry and hoist these huge blocks and to set them so close to each other is unbelievable.

Is it more believable to have them cast on site ?
Most definitely . yes

Khafre Pharaoh and his Pyramid :


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