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February 1, 2012

Inside Khafre Pyramid

Do we have two entrances here ? yes. There are two entrances , one directly above the other , leading into the pyramid. The upper entrance, 50'(15m) above ground, is the typical entrance, and the one which we use to enter.

we walk into the narrow polar passage. which slopes at a 25ْ 55' angle, down into the bedrock. It levels off, and then continues horizontally to a large limestone chamber. The walls of the sloping section and part of the horizontal section are lined with red granite for unknown reasons . The passage are again totally void of any inscriptions.

Khafre Pyramid Insid

We enter the only room inside the pyramid

This is a spacious room.
This room is hewn out of the rock, and roofed with gabled limestone slabs . These slabs are set at the same angle as the pyramid face.

Wow! So these gables are carrying the whole immense weight of the pyramid?
Yes.This simple gabled roof is adequate to support the whole weight of the pyramid above it. Remember the roof of the King's room in Khufu;s Pyramid?
What they call the relieving stones , above the King's Room , were not needed for structural purposes , because we can see here that a single gable above the flat ceiling would have sufficed structurally.

So, what they termed as "reliving stones," in the King;s Room of Khufu;s Pyramid , is not for structural purposes, but for other symbolic reason, Which we are unaware of.
Yes. You are right.

At the far western end of this totally bare room , is an empty , uninscribed , beautiful , polished granite box8.5' x3.5' ( 2.6m * 1.05m) , and 3.3' (1.0m) deep. This box is set into the floor of the room, up to the level of the lid. The lid, broken in two pieces ,lies nearby.

Who broke the lid, and placed it there?
Nobody knows, but that is how the Italian adventurer Be,zoni found it when he first entered this pyramid in 1818.

Did Belzoni find a mummy or any sign of a funeral ?
None Whatsoever.

Let us go outside the pyramid again , and look at the lower entrance.

Khafre Pyramid Inside

What do we have here ?
The entrance her is entirely hewn on the bedrock . At the bottom of this passageway , there is a large , empty , uninscribed subterranean room .

What was this subterranean room , and all these passages for ?
Nobody knows . but you know what they say when they can't figure it out.

Wait, let me guess. The usual explanation, " Change in Plan."
Exactly . Their usual escape route for hard to explain matters.

Are we sure that there are no other internal passages and / or rooms?
The Nobel Prize winner professor Alvarez used x-rays in 1970 to investigate this possibility. his conclusion was that no other room exists in this pyramid.

Khafre Pharaoh and his Pyramid :


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