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May 5, 2012

The Baths of Cairo, c. 1200

The Baths of Cairo, c. 1200
Abd al-Latif al-Baghdadi

The Egyptian baths are also worthy of admiration. I have never seen better constructed or better positioned, nor more excellent for beauty and wisdom. Their pools, to begin with, are capable of each containing two to four corner basins or more. The water is conveyed by two taps, one for hot water, the other for cold water. Those who would bathe themselves descend into the basin and plunge into the water.

Baths of Cairo
Inside these baths are cabinets furnished with doors, where one undresses; there are special cabinets for persons of distinction so that they do not mix with common persons, and do not appear naked in public. This room for undressing is well arranged and constructed. In the middle is a marble basin ornamented with columns which support a dome. The ceilings of all these places are ornamented with paintings; the walls are divided by white panels. The pavement is of marbles of various colours and sections, those of the interior being always more beautiful than those of the exterior. These baths are very light, the roofs are very high. All the vases are of various brilliant colours, clear and very elegant. In a word, when one enters one wishes never to leave, and in fact, when a prince at enormous expense builds himself a house, he spares nothing to embellish his dwelling, and he never fails to make a most beautiful bath.

Cairo’s gardens and parks are an inheritance from the past the green lungs of a throbbing metropolis. Elizabeth Fernea acclaimed the gardens and the people who created them; the German journeyman Holthaus found in the gardens, as elsewhere, sites that link Cairo to the infant Jesus.

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