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May 4, 2012

Looking down across Cairo, 1834

Looking down across Cairo, 1834 
Hon. W.E. Fitzmaurice

The two following days we amused ourselves by seeing the various mosques and curious buildings about Cairo; in the evening I strolled up to Sifa, which overlooks the Citadel.

Mohamed Ali Mosque

It is a scene that one would never tire of: standing on a bed of high rocks you have a most beautiful panorama before you of every description of scenery. In the foreground are the Tombs of the Mamelukes, Old Cairo stretching out beyond the river; here and there the eye rests on an Arab village with its minaret and grove of palms; in the distance the Pyramids seem to increase in size as the sun sinks behind them in the gloom of the desert, and occasionally you catch a turn of the majestic river, as it winds its way down this beautiful valley, bearing verdure and fertility on its dimpled waters; reminding one of the beautiful lines in the opening of Rasselas [the novel by James Bruce, the Scottish explorer], where truly may it be styled, ‘The Father of Waters’, and as truly does it scatter over half the world the harvest of Egypt.

The most splendid and charming among the buildings of the city are the mosques some grand and dominant in their neighborhoods; others a homely part of a small community. Other great buildings, too, have made their impact on travelers.

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