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June 9, 2012

The Egyptian Pyramid Patent Facts P1

The Pyramid Patent
by Karl Drbal

“Karl Drbal is a retired radio engineer who had pioneered radio and television in Czechoslovakia. Now in his seventies, nearly half of his life has been devoted to the theory of regeneration of energy. His interest and research in the field of unusual energy forms is, like his razor blades, keen and sharp. This chapter was prepared by Mr. Drbal in Prague, Czechoslovakia on February 12, 1974, especially for this book. It is the only writing of his to be published in the United States.”

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
This is the story of patent No. 91304, a strange invention which has gone around the whole world an invention which more or less indicates that the cavity of a little cardboard model of the Great Pyramid of Cheops can affect the steel edge of a razor blade!

It should be stressed that the patent application, which was filed in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in 1949, was granted only in 1959! Since the normal time taken by the Patent Examination Commission is between one and three years, it is obvious that the Commission considered the invention before them a rather extraordinary one.

During that ten-year application period I was forced to develop new scientific arguments to explain how this extremely simple device, without any evident source of energy, can affect the steel edge of a razor blade which has been dulled by repeated use in shaving.

Originally, when I applied for the patent, it was almost a joke for me and my friends who, like myself, are radio engineers, and who encouraged me to apply just to find out how the patent office would react to issuing a patent on a “Pharaoh’s shaving device.” However, I must emphasize that these friends were totally persuaded, as was I, myself, after having used a single razor blade stored in the pyramid- regenerator for more than one-hundred daily shaves, that this strange device really works.

It was another matter to persuade the patent examiners not only that it works but and much more difficult how it works.

Throughout the ten years during which the commission considered the application, I devoted myself to studying all the possible microwave, cosmic and telluric relations between the resonant cavity of a Cheops-pyramid model, constructed in dielectric material (cardboard or other), and the working of the crystalitic structure of the edge of the razor blade.

I also studied the connection of the very low earth magnetic field, because one condition of the patent is that the blade must lie by its longitudinal axis in the direction of the horizontal component of the earth’s magnetic field.

My employment in a large radio research institute was of the greatest importance to me during this time, since I had easy access to all the necessary technical literature of the whole world. Step-by-step, during my ten year fight with the patent examiners, I was able to realize a theory (or hypothesis) about the energization of the resonant cavity of the little pyramid-model by cosmic microwaves (principally from the sun) with help from the concentrating earth magnetic field. Having ascertained the technical possibility of such energy-feeding of the pyramid,

I was then able to persuade the examiners that, indeed, the Pharaoh (Cheops) has nothing in common with the razor blades and that the whole thing is not nonsense.
During this period, I constructed a cardboard model, “type Cheops,” 8 cm. high, base line 12.5 cm. (one inch is equal to approximately 2.54 centimeters or cm.), which I presented to the chief patent examiner (an excellent metallurgical specialist). Since the model worked entirely to his satisfaction throughout the ten-year period, he was able to prove, by his own experience, that the invention is not a mystification. He was therefore obliged to defend my invention to the examining commission. I am sure that without the help of this honest examiner the “strange” patent No. 91304 would not exist today.

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