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June 8, 2012

Egyptian Pyramid Power Facts Part 4

The Great Pyramid is considered by some to be the almanac of the ages and the chronicler of past, present and future history. In The Great Pyramid: Its Divine Message, D. Davidson and H. Aldersmith show the extent to which the Great Pyramid was built to conform in detail to the Pyramid allegory of Scripture.

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
Davidson and Aldersmith develop biblical dates from the measurements within the hollows of the Great Pyramid and claim that they have ascertained the dates of numerous biblical events, such as the birth of Christ (Saturday, October 6, 4 B.C.) and the crucifixion (Friday, April 7, 30 A.D.).

The authors also explain that the Pyramid contains the ancient Egyptian messianic prophecies, extending, possibly, until the end of the world. Davidson and Aldersmith also make interesting reference to the Great Seal of the United States, which was adopted by act of the Continental Congress on June 20, 1782 and readopted by the new Congress on September 15, 1789. They claim that the reverse side of the seal depicts Cheop’s Pyramid as the “symbol of the Stone Kingdom with the Apex Stone symbolic of Christ, ‘the headstone of the corner,’ suspended under the eye of Providence axially over the centre of the structure thus represented as incomplete without it.”

In The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Manly P. Hall also refers to the Great Seal of the United States and points out that mysticism controlled the establishment of the government. Hall shows that not only was the Pyramid involved with the Seal, but also the symbolic and mysterious number thirteen was incorporated in both sides of the Seal many times over. The frequently-appearing mystical number is apparently not only related to the original colonies forming the United States, according to Hall, who points out that it appears on the obverse side several times: thirteen stars above the head of the eagle; thirteen letters in the motto “E PLURIBUS UNUM”; thirteen leaves and thirteen berries on the branch grasped in the eagle’s right talon; thirteen arrows clutched in his left talon; and thirteen stripes on the emblem on his breast. The reverse side depicting the Great Pyramid has the motto “ANNUIT COEPTIS,” containing thirteen letters, and the pyramid itself is shown composed of thirteen layers of stone. You can substantiate these observations yourself simply by looking at the replica of the Great Seal of the United States as it appears on the one dollar paper currency of the United States. In fact, more occurrences of the symbolic number thirteen may be noted by the careful observer.

The power of the Pyramid has not only survived through the millennia, but actually seems to be regaining strength. The Pristine Egyptian Orthodox Church was formed in Chicago, Illinois, in November 1963, and on November 1, 1964 held its first public service. According to an article in the March 1974 issue of Fate Magazine, the world’s oldest monotheistic religion has been revived, probably for the first time since the last Egyptian temple ceased to exist around 600 A.D.

It should by now be apparent that there are numerous theories concerning every aspect of the Great Pyramid from the way it was constructed, to the reason for its construction, to the identity of the people who had it constructed. One aspect of pyramidal theory which we have not touched upon is that of the geometric relationship contained in the Great Pyramid. In an article written exclusively for this book, Mr. Henry Monteith deals with this fascinating facet of pyramidology.

Many are the mysteries of the past, too numerous to be named, but none are more profound, and awe inspiring, than the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Two million, five hundred thousand stones, with crushing weights of two to seventy tons, rise to a height of more than four- hundred and eighty feet. This awesome structure, by its sheer bulk alone, staggers the imagination of modern construction engineers. The precision with which the stone was cut and positioned indicates that the builders of the Great

Pyramid were masters of measurement. It has been estimated that it would take six years and more than one billion dollars to construct the Great Pyramid with modem technology.

Many noble efforts have been made, by investigators of the past, in an attempt to understand why the Great Pyramid was built; however, none of these efforts have yielded a conclusive answer. Personally, I believe that the Great Pyramid was built in order to record in solid stone ancient knowledge and awareness which has long since been lost. In this chapter, I will not be able to uncover all the mysteries which are recorded in the Great Pyramid but the inspiration which I have obtained from this magnificent structure may enable me to make some contribution to those who are seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and of our universe.

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