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May 4, 2012

The Bazaars of Cairo, 1839 P-D.

The Bazaars of Cairo, 1839 P-D. 

Bazaars of Cairo
The finest part of eastern cities are the bazaars or markets; that in Cairo is on a remarkably large scale. Here all the glories of the world are exhibited for sale: gold, ivory, gum, silks, balsams, pearls of great value, carpets, Persian shawls, singular shells from the Red Sea, corals, ostrich feathers and ostrich eggs, Nile whips cut from the hides of the hippopotamus, and besides these the precious fruits of the torrid zone, all in separate departments. In these bazaars I purchased a variety of articles. These wares are brought from the Nile, and by the countless caravans which from Cairo traverse all the East, and which take thence in exchange provisions and articles of dress. In the bazaars are the shops also of the Arab artisans, who have liberty to sit here and work, and expose their wares to sale. . . .

Ancient Coins, 1801
Edward Daniel Clarke
Who would have believed that ancient Roman coins were still in circulation in any part of the world? Yet this is strictly true. We noticed Roman copper medals in Cairo given in exchange in the markets among the coins of the city, and valued at something less than our halfpenny. What is more remarkable, we obtained some of the large bronze medals of the Ptolemies circulating at higher value, but in the same manner.


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