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January 27, 2012

Ancient Egypt Clothing for men , women , kids and slaves Photos

Most of Ancient  Egypt wore clothes made from linen notice : linen made from flax
Ancient Egyptian Clothing
Flax and Linen in Ancient Egypt : has been used in the Middle East since the fifth millennium BC. In Egypt, and perhaps more important role than in many other cultures, and Egyptians rarely used wool and cotton was unknown during much of the old history. It was seen as a gift of the Nile, and Hymn to Hapi it did not: people who are clothed with the linen of his fields . more information about Flax and Linen

Now i will speak a summary about ancient egypt clothes for men , women , kids  and slaves

But if you want more details about ancient Egypt clothing  with more photos go to this topic : Ancient Egypt Clothing

The clothes are generally made of linen and kept simple: like a short kilt for men (ancient Egypt clothing for men), a dress with straps for women (ancient Egypt clothing for women). These clothes are not essential and with minor variations accounting for the center, and social wealth in a way did not change substantially throughout the history of Egypt.

They made a very little sewing. He was wrapped in a piece of cloth around the body and held in place of the belt. And the color was white in general, and in contrast to foreign wore colorful clothes to portray Egyptian, although the dyed fabric was not unknown.

The mostly non-decorated clothes daily, and has been known since the braids of the Old Kingdom, when some of the dresses of the Egyptians and the top layer folded horizontally. In the era of the modern state was in many cases, vertical folds, but can be quite complex braids. A piece of clothing Kingdom East offers three different types of braids: one part is folded with the folds except for a few centimeters, and another with a very narrow folds and the third part is the Chevron patterns, folds with horizontal and vertical cross each other. How the braids were is not known, but is generally assumed to have been working very intensively.

Varied the length of skirts, and being short during the Old Kingdom down to the calf in the Middle Kingdom, when he was often supplemented with a sleeveless shirt or a long tunic.
And they are sewn from a rectangular piece of fabric twice the length of the dress required. And cut off opportunity for the president at the center of the cloth which was then folded in half. And lower parts sewn together from both sides leaving holes for arms.

Women's clothing, the source: the two images to the right excerpts from "Ancient Egypt" by Lionel Casson, Time Life Books 0.1975

Selket wearing a dress maid dressed in trousers and a long pleated collar dress with ankle straps, bare breasts and left half

Source: the two images to the right excerpts from ancient Egypt by Lionel Casson

And women's dresses were sometimes decorated with beads. Coverage of the breast more than once, although there were periods when fashion left them without clothes .

Circular heads back as far as the Old Kingdom. And they are generally made of linen and were cut to open the door of the head in the center. And are often dyed, painted or otherwise decorated, and included slightly more than the shoulders. Sometimes shawls were worn during the era of the modern state.

Ancient Egyptian Clothing
from left to right = from old to new


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