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February 1, 2012

Synthetic Blocks and Egyptian Pyramids Building Process

The Synthetic Blocks

The idea of molding the pyramid blocks is intriguing .
Let me help you with other information .

Ancient Egyptian Pyramid
In 1974 , a team from Stanford Research Institute (SRI) of Stanford University , Used electromagnetic sounding equipment to place to locate hidden rooms , The waves sent out , were absorbed by the high moisture content of the blocks . As a result , the mission failed .

How can the pyramid attract moisture in the midst of an arid desert area ?
Only concrete blocks retain moisture , which is further evidence showing that the pyramid blocks were synthetic and not quarried .

OK. Do you have more evidence ?
1 - The paper-thin mortar between the stone blocks does not provide measurable cohesive power bee tween the stone blocks . This paper -thin mortar is actually the result of excess water in the concert slurry . The weight of aggregates in the concrete mix squeezes watery cement to the surface , where it sets , to form the thin surface mortar layers .

2 - Organic fibers , air bubbles , and an artificial red coating are visible in some blocks . All are indicative of man-made , and not natural stone .

3- The top layers of several blocks are quite riddled with holes . The deteriorated layers didn't deteriorate .

In a concrete mix , air bubbles and excess watery binder rise i the top producing a lighter , weaker form . The rough top layer is always about the same size , regardless of the blocks .

This phenomena is evident at all the pyramids and temples of Giza , i.e. light weight , weathered and weak top portions , which is indicative of cast concrete ,and not natural stone .

4 - The largest blocks , all over Giza exhibit many lift wavy lines and not horizontal lines . Wavy lines result from casting concrete over several days (wok stops at end of each day , causing wavy lines .) Strata in the bedrock are horizontal and straight while wavy lines result when material is poured into a mold.

5 -Modern mortar consists exclusively if hydrated calcium sulfate .
Ancient Egyptian mortar is based on a silico-aluminate m a result of geopolymerization .

6- The only surviving record of the activities of Khufu's reign are scenes engraved in Sinai , indicating vigorous mining expeditions of arsenic minerals required for making stones .

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