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January 31, 2012

Queen Hetepheres Tomb Facts

 Tomb of Hetepheres - Queen Hetepheres Tomb - Hetepheres Tomb

Queen Hetepheres Tomb - The Queen Khufu Mother's Tomb

Hetepheres Tomb Plateau
Khufu's father was Snefru and his mother was queen Hetepheres , whose tomb was found empty in 1925 , here in the Giza plateau , next to the great Pyramid .

Another empty tomb ?
Yes . They found the alabaster chest of his very important queen in an ordinary shaft . However, when it was opened, it was found empty. The canopic jars of the queen , containing her internal organs , were found next to the empty alabaster chest .

Why did they leave an empty alabaster chest ?
Nobody knows fir sure , but it may have something to do with the mysterious custom of what is referred to , for lack of a better them , as the " double burial " .

Wait a minute . Are you saying the wife the greatest builder ,Snefru , and the mother of Khufu , had a simple shaft and nor a pyramid for a tomb ?
If pyramids were tombs , this queen should have an elaborate pyramid , Since the Pyramids were not intended o be burial places m neither she nor her husband ( Snefru ) , nor son ( Khufu ) were ever buried in these enormous pyramids .

Queen Hetepheres Tomb

More recently Mark Lehner has suggested that the Hetepheres Tomb discovered by Reisner was Hetepheres' original tomb - her mummy was removed a later stage to a burial in a satellite pyramid (of Khufu's pyramid) where it was destroyed in antiquity:

Tomb of Queen Hetepheres (picture from the tomb - museum of fine arts Boston, pictures of objects from the tomb - Cairo Museum).

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