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February 26, 2012

Ancient Egyptian Games and Toys

Ancient Egyptian Toys and Games
During a quiets evening at him there were other diversions to entertain the family. Adults could engage in a number of board ancient Egyptian games which were exceedingly popular amongst all walks of lie. The most popular of these, called senet, began in the Predynastic Age and is even now plated in Egypt in recognizable form. The senet board was rectangular and divided into three rows of ten squares, The number of pieces allotted to each player could vary, but seven was usual, The fame began by sitting out the pieces alternately along the first fourteen squares, Movement was in reversed S fashion, the object being to get all one's pieces off the board whilst preventing one's opponent from doing the same, If a piece was blocked it had to return to the start of the board.

Ancient Egyptian Games and Toys
Dice as we know them did not appear ill the Graeco-Roman period, but the ancient Egyptians had alternative methods of moving the pieces. The first of these was a set of sticks, often shaped marked like a human finger. One side of each stick was flat, the other rounded, the sticks were thrown down and the number of flat and round surfaces which landed uppermost was counted. In the modern from the fame the number of flat sides determines the throw and so it may have been in antiquity. The other for of dice was the astragalus, which was originally a knucklebone from hooved animals, although the distinctive shape was soon copied u other materials, the face in which the astragalus fell again determined the throw.

Another popular game was called 'twenty squares', and is frequently found on the other side if a senet board, the markings were sightly different from those of senet. The middle of the three rows had twelve squares, while flanking it were two rows with four squares at one end and a long strip at the other: The players had five pieces each, which they placed in the empty strip. They began by moving pieces p the four squares to the corner. The object of the fame was to get the pieces safely down the centre row and off the board, As the opposing pieces moved in opposite directions the tactic must have been to block and set back the advancing enemy. This game seems to have entered Egypt from the Near East. Other board ancient Egyptian games are known but the rules by which they played are lost.

Meanwhile, the children could amuse themselves with a variety of toys.

ancient egyptian games and sports

Finally, we may count literature among the diversions of him ancient Egyptians. by no means all the Egyptians were literate. Although a fair number all the Egyptians were literate, although a fair number probably were. These fortunates could read their favorite stories on papyrus rolls or on ostraca. For those who could not read, there was the storyteller, who would recount the tales of adventure and magic on which Egyptian literature abounds.... ancient Egyptian games .

One of the most popular tales was the Story of Sinuhe, which is set during the Middle Kingdom. Sinuhe was a royal servant who, fearing for hos life for a reason not names, fled Egypt and want to Palestine. After a great many adventures he was befriended by the local king who gave hi, land, a wife and command of the army. He led a long and prosperous life, occasionally fighting off jealous rivals, but in his old age he wished to return to his native land. His wish was granted by Pharaohs and so he returned to Egypt with great honour and was granted a fine house and an elaborate womb with all the trimmings. Another travel tale, tinged with an element of magic, is that of the Shipwrecked Sailor.

A raised-relief depiction of Amenemhat I accompanied by deities; the death of Amenemhat I is reported by his son Senusret I in the Story of Sinuhe.
In this story are features which appear later in the Odyssey and the story of Sindbad the sailor. Like the Odyssey, it seems to belong to ab oral tradition, and to have been part of a cycle of stories, as Sindbad is part of the thousand and one nights. Another group of stories in the thousand and One Nights tradition is to be found in the West-care Papyrus.

This is a serious of tales with a connecting narrative which provides the reason for telling the stories. The theme is again magic and the scene the court of Cheops. Who is being entertained with tales of past wonders? He caps them all, however, by sending for a real magician who astounds the audience with his skill. Allegorical and, moral tales were also popular, such as the Blinding of Truth by Falsehood and the Tale of the Two Brothers. A great many of these stories have been published in translation and make entertaining reading even today.

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