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February 6, 2012

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddess List

There are more than 2000 names of ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddess but in our blog Ancient Egypt we will speak about the most Egyptian gods and goddess facts  was supported by scholars and  ancient egyptian papyrus , i will speak about the god or goddess names , titles and god's functions but if you want more you can click on god name in article .
Ancient Egyptian God and Goddess List :

ancient Egyptian gods and goddess family tree

God Name            : Amun | King of Gods
God Title /s           : The hidden one; The pilot who Knows the water;
                                   King of the Gods ; Lord of    the Thrones of the Two Lands
God Function /s  : Solar God :  Theban variation of God Ra , often called Amun-Ra ; became national god by Eighteenth Dynasty ; patron of mariners; controlled the life-span of individual ; divine father of Queen Hatshepsut.

God Name            : Anubis | Part 2Part 3
God Title /s           : The watch dog ; Lord of the Mummy Wrapping;
                                  Counter of Hearts ; Lord of the Holy land
God Function /s  : God of mummification , and death ; responsible for caring for the bodies of the recently deceased ; he checked the balance of the dead ; supported the mummy during the Opening of thee Mouth ceremony .

God Name            : Apophis
God Function /s  : Snake Enemy of Ra representing the darkest part of the night ti be defeated by Ra

God Name            : Aten
God Function /s  : Physical manifestation of Ra as the sun disk ; worshiped in particular by Akhenaten

God Name            : Atum | God of the sun in the evening
God Function /s  : God of the sun in the evening ; alternate from Ra; pilot of the solar boat at night

God Name            : Bastet | Goddess of Pleasure
God Function /s  : Feline goddess of pleasure and protector from evil spirits

God Name            : Bes
God Function /s  : Divine protector of new mothers and newborn children; god of music, dance , and jollity; protector of domestic happiness ; encourager of toilet training ; supervisor of the bed and its pleasures

God Name            : Geb | God of Earth | Love Poem From Geb to Nut
God Title /s           : The Great Cackler
God Function /s  : God of earth and living plants and creatures; responsible for bodies of the dead in their tombs ; some of Shu and Tefnut; usually depicted as a goose

God Name            : Hapi | God of the Nile River
God Title /s           : Primeval One of Earth
God Function /s  : Personification of the Nile;fertility god and provider of food in the afterlife

God Name            : Hathor | Goddess Of Love Hathor Part 2
                                  The Festival of the Sacred Marriage
God Title /s           : Great Mother; The house of Horus; Kay of the West;
                                   lady of the Holy Country; Lady of all
God Function /s  : Cow-headed goddess of the sky ; goddess of the love , music , beauty and joy ; greeter of the dead at the entrance of the underworld protector of women ; sometimes considered the wife of Horus.

God Name            : Herakhty ( Ra Herakhty )
God Function /s  : Combination from if Ra and Horus; god of the morning sun depicted with falcon's head

God Name             : Horus the Elder
God Function /s   : Fifth child of Geb and But ; steerer of the solar boat

God Name             : Horus the Younger
God Title /s            : Guide of the underworld , Lord of the two Lands
God Function /s   : Falcon-headed sub god; Protector and guide of souls through the underworld ; protector of kins; son of Isis and Osiris

God Name             : Imhotep
God Title /s            : He who comes in peace ; Son of Ptah; Wisest and most Learned One.
God Function /s   : God who was originally an actual human being - the architect of the Step Pyramid of Djoser ; came to prominence in the Graeco-Roman period ; god of science , magic and medicine ; often associated with Thoth

God Name              : Isis | Isis Goddess of Magic
                                    Osiris and Isis  - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6
God Title /s             : Great Mother
God Function /s    : Wife of Osiris ; daughter of Geb and Nut ; daughter of Geb and Nut ; archetype of wifely love and devoted motherhood ; goddess of magic and healing ; grain goddess in concert with Osiris; guardian of canopic jars

God Name              : Khepri
God Function /s    : God of the morning sun ; alternate from of Ra ; God of creation and rebirth

God Name              : Khnum
God Title /s             : The molder father of Fathers and Mothers of Mothers
God Function /s    : Creates human beings out of clay ; creator god primarily popular in Upper Egypt ; gatekeeper of the annual Nile flood

God Name              : Khons God of Youth and the Moon
God Title /s             : His name means " to travel and move about"
God Function /s    : Son of Amun and Mut ; associated with Toth as messenger of the gods ; god of the moon ; assisted in conception and filled living beings with the air of life

God Name              : Maat | Goddess of Truth and Justice - The Blinding of Truth
                                   Thoth and Maat | Facts and Secrets
God Function /s    : Goddess of truth and justice ; more of an abstract concept that actual character ; al2ways present at the trail of the " soul of the deceased "

God Name               : Min | God of fertility
God Function /s     : God of fertility ; vegetation food and bringer of rain ; associated with the vigor of the Pharaoh

God Name               : Mut | The Great Great Mother
God Title /s              : Great mother
God Function /s     : Consort of Amun ; protective goddess associated with the vulture ; sometimes identified with Maat

God Name               : Neith
God Function /s      : Guardian of canopic jars ; also considered a war goddess and inventor of waving

Goddess Name       : Nephthys
God Title /s               : Lady of the House
God Function /s      : Sister of Isis , and Seth; wife of Seth ; daughter of Geb an Nut ; as counterpart of Isis , she represented death and decay the invisible , and darkness ; one of four guardians of canopic jars

God Name                : Nun
God Function /s      : God of the primeval waters; often depicted as a bearded man holding up the solar oat , when he symbolizes the underworld

Goddess Name       : Nut Goddess of the Sky and Love Poem From Geb to Nut
God Title /s               : The Great Protectress;
                                       She with Braided Hair Who Gave Birth to the Gods
God Function /s      : Goddess of the sky ; daughter of Shu and Tefnut daily gave birth to the gods and souls of the dead while in the solar boat

God Name                : Osiris Egyptian God of the Underworld and The Murder of Osiris
                                      Osiris and Isis  - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6
God Function /s      : God of death and resurrection; god of the underworld ; god of fertility and vegetation ; god of beer and wine ; son of Nut and Geb ; the first king king of human beings

God Name                : Ptah
God Title /s               : Lord of Maat ; God of the Beautiful Face in Thebes ; Lord of the year
God Function /s      : Memphite god of creation originator of food , labor , movement and "all good things "; patron of artists and artisans and those who work with metal or stone ; the treasurer of time

God Name                : Ra Gog of the Sun
God Title /s               : Lord of Heaven and Earth ; The Traveler ;
                                      Maker of the Secrets of the Two Horizons
God Function /s      : Sun God ; Chief god of the Great Ennead ; Creator God ; Pilot of the Solar Boat

God Name                : Sekhmet Egyptian Goddess of War
God Title /s               : The Great Lady beloved of Ptah ; Eye of Ra
God Function /s      : Lion-headed goddess of war ; an alternative from of Hathor ; sister and wife of Path ; associated with the destructive forces of the Sun's heat

God Name                : Serket
God Function /s      : Scorpion goddess ; one of the guardians of canopic jars

God Name                 : Seth Egyptian God of Evil and Chaos
                                        Battle between Seth and Horus  / Part 2 and Part 3
God Title /s                : The Red God
God Function /s       : God of Evil , chaos m and violence , god of darkness and storm ; enemy of Osiris; son of Geb and Nut

God Name                  : Shu | Father of Gods; The Uplifter
God Function /s        : God of air and the space between the earth and sky ; son of Ra ; personification of the wind

God Name                  : Sobek
God Function /s        : Crocodile god of Upper Egypt ; sometimes considered evil , at other times as a protector of the dead

Goddess  Name        : Tefnut
God Function /s        : Goddess of Mist ; daughter of Ra ; sometimes associated with moon

God Name                  : Thoth God of Knowledge and Writing and The Book of Thoth
                                        The Story of Thoth and Maat
God Title /s                 : Divine Author ;the Place- Taker of Ra ; Heart of Ra ; Bull of Justice
God Function /s        : God of wisdom , medicine and science ; lunar god ; Ra's messenger among humans ; creator the alphabet, writing , mathematics , and astronomy ; he recorded the verdict of the judgment o souls in the underworld ; considered creator god world ; considered creator god at his cult center in Heliopolis

God Name                  : Nefertem Egyptian God of Perfume
God Title                     : Egyptian God of Perfume


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