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January 30, 2012

Bent Pyramid Facts

 Snefru Bent Pyramid

Bent Pyramid facts - Bent Pyramid built - Bent Pyramid photo and images - Bent Pyramid

Number 5 : Snefru's Bent Pyramid | All Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Information

Snefru's Bent Pyramid
Bent Pyramid of Snefru Size :
Base : 602'(184m) square
Height : 344'(105m)
Mass : 3.6 million tones
Inclination :5 3 ْ 27' base
34 ْ 22' 44" top

This Pyramid has a unique shape. Its lower half is built at a considerably steeper angle than the top .

Who built this Pyramid ?
As is the case in the prior three pyramids , this pyramid is again totally void of any markings. This pyramid was attributed to King Snefru (2575-2551B.C) , based on a reference to his name in the nearby temple .

Why are there two angles of inclination for his pyramid ?
Without and unsporting evidence m some think that the two angles were caused by chance in plan .

What are the unique features about this Snefru's Bent Pyramid ?
the evidence inside the Bent Pyramid leads us to conclude that its unique double angle was a deliberately planned design .

The deliberate design us evident in the system of the internal rooms , The Bent pyramid alone has a double-angled profile and two totally separate sets of rooms m, one entrance on the customary north side , pointing to the polar stare , and a second entrance on the west side .
The early stages of construction reflected hat these separate entrances , corridors , and underground rooms were part of the original plan.

The emphasis upon a dual purpose or dual symbolism for this pyramid seems more reasonable than attempting to explain it as yet another change of plan .

What is inside the pyramid ?
The descending passage from the northern entrance is 3'-7" (1.1m) high . Again , like Meidum , the passage is too small for any person to walk up straight ,and it also point ti the polar star .

The polar passageway leads to two internal rooms, which have corbel roofs , There is no trace of a stone chest or of a burial taking place in either room .

A second passage connects the upper room with an opening high up in the western face of the pyramid, .This passageway is also 3'-7"(1.1m) high,which is too small for standing up .

Bent Pyramid
The blocks here vary in size , don't they ?
Yes , the blocks range from small to huge . Such a variety in sizes provides for better interlocking , which ensures the stability of the structure .

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