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January 30, 2012

Khaba Egyptian Pyramid | Facts and Secrets

Khaba Pyramid One Of Ancient Egyptian Pyramids World
We are now in front of the ruins of Khaba Pyramid . We see stone blocks spread over wide area.
khaba pyramid Egypt
Khaba Pyramid

What happened here ?
It appears that this pyramid was built during the reign of King Khaba (2603 - 2599B.C) . There are no inscriptions whatsoever , inside or outside the structure , which identify Khaba or anyone else as the builder . A reference to Khaba name is found in the nearby cemetery , which made him the most likely builder .

He used small blocks just like Zoser and Sekhemket .
Very much so , The blocks are just slightly larger here .

Was the final structure intended to be a stepped pyramid ?
Yes . it is actually known as the layer Pyramid . like the Sekhemket Pyramid , the structure here has no central mastaba -type tomb . the whole building was laid out , from the beginning , as a step pyramid .

What us underneath this pyramid ? Anything exciting ? in Ancient Egypt
There is only one empty underground room . The passage to the underground room , is located on the north face of the pyramid . The interior is inaccessible at this time .

No sarcophagus or stone chest ?
None whatsoever.

Notice : Khaba Pyramid One Of Ancient Egyptian Pyramids World

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