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January 30, 2012

Snefru's Red Pyramid

Snefru's Red Pyramid
We now proceed to another pyramid less than a mile of the Bent Pyramid , Which is called the Northern Pyramid of Dahshur . It is popularly known as the Red Pyramid because if the reddish or pinkish tint of the core stones.

Snefru's Red Pyramid
Ancient Egyptian Pyramid
The Red Pyramid is in good condition .
This is the earliest monument which is in complete pyramidical from . It looks good because i still retains large areas of its original casing stones .

Who built the Red Pyramid ?
Again , there are no inscriptions whatever inside or outside if this pyramid . It is believed that thus pyramid was built during the reign of king Snefru (2575 - 25551B.C).

The blocks here are huge !
yes . The height of blocks here vary from 1'-7" (.5m) to 4'-7" (1.4m).

What is inside the Red Pyramid ?
  • The entrance passage is again the unique typical polar passage .it leads down a long , sloping corridor , to the bedrock , and is only 3'-11"(1.2m) high . Again , he passage is too small for a person to walk standing up straight .
  • The passage leads to two adjoining a third l identical rooms with corbelled roofs
  • A short passage leads upwards to a third large room, The corbelled roof of this third room rises to a height of 50'(15.2m) .
Really unique arrangement ,
It sure is . Also here ,for the first time , the rooms were incorporated into the pyramid itself ( traditionally they were underground )

The rooms were empty again ?
Yes. No trace of a stone chest or burial was found anywhere in the three rooms ,

So Snefru built at least two and maybe tree large pyramids
Yes, Snefru built two , and possibly three colossal pyramids m and erected stone monuments throughout Egypt , It is estimated that nine million tones of stone were used during the Pharaoh;s twenty -four years reign .

So Snefru used more stone in building than his famous son Khufu ?
Yes , Building with stone occurred on a mush larger scale prior to the building with stone occurred in a much larger scale prior to the building of Khufu's Great Pyramid at Giza .

So Snefru was never buried in his pyramid ?
there is no evidence of burial in any of the three pyramids . It should be clearer than ever that these Pyramids were not built to entomb anybody.


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