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January 25, 2012

Step Pyramid of Djoser facts at Saqqara Part 2

The Step Pyramid Of Djoser ( Zoser )

How did the idea of pyramid come to Imhotep ? ( Imhotep was the architect of Djoser's Step Pyramid )

Step Pyramid Of Djoser (Zoser)
The idea of a step pyramid was not his original intention . The original objective was ti build a mastaba-type tomb to bury the King when he died .Building a step pyramid was an after thought , that occurred a few years later . The mastaba-type tomb is functionally and structurally independent of the later addition of the stepped pyramid .

How did the mastaba-type tomb wined up to the Step Pyramid of Djoser (Zoser)?

It occurred over five stages of construction .

How did we figure out the construction stage of the Djoser (Zoser) Pyramids ?

The stages of construction can be followed because almost all the outer casing has disappeared , as well as many layers pf the core masonry . The eastern , southern , and northern faces show clearly the five distinct construction stages .

Can you explain the five stages ?  

Djoser (Zoser) Step Pyramid
The First Stage was building if ab unusual square stone mastaba 206*206*26 ( 63m*63m*8m) ( others were rectangular ) , with an underground burial chamber . The core masonry was made of small stone blocks , laid like bricks . The stone mastaba was faced with fine limestone , which proves it was intended to be a finished building in Ancient Egypt .

The Second Stage comprised the addition of ten feet (3m() of fine limestone around the perimeter of the mastaba .

The Third Stage was addition of the further twenty-five foot (7.5m) extension to the eastern face , providing a rectangular ground plan . An additional central shaft , as serious of corridors and tomb chamber were also dug .

The Fourth Stage was the construction of a four tired structures of stone weighing 200,000 tomes , on top of the exiting tomb structure .

The Fifth Stage was the addition of two more steps and the final six-tired pyramid , was In turn , faced with fine limestone , to give it a smooth finish .

In simple terms , this structure is basically a mastaba-type tomb which was covered with a series of limestone steps .

Exactly . The main purpose of this structure was the burial of Djoser (Zoser) and his family . The Step Pyramid was an afterthought . The burial chambers are not an integral part of the pyramid structure .

Step Pyramid :


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