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January 26, 2012

Ancient Egyptian Medicine between Facts and Practise

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Ancient Egyptian Medicine

Most of doctors nowadays respect the Ancient Egyptian Medicine  so much because a lot of reasons , despite the modern standards and practices a mix of real science and sorcery, witchcraft, superstition is nonsense. The ancient Egyptian doctors a high reputation in the international time and they were in great demand by the kings and princes outside the borders of Egypt ,  ancient Egyptian medicine. Account papyri dating back to the period Rammesid tells the story of "Prince of Bakhten" (king of the Hittites), who sent an appeal to His Majesty the King of Egypt at the expense of Bentrach and his daughter, who was suffering with a disease that causes limbs to twitch violently. Pharaoh sent honored writers of "House of Life" to travel to Bakhten and the presence of the Hittite king's daughter.

The Egyptian Medicine in the exclusive domain of the priests. The doctors were mostly priests of the ancient gods Serket, Neath and the head of Atum. Herb gardens they cultivated to provide the drug. There was a temple dedicated to the goddess Neith in Sais, who was the Faculty of Medicine and herbs that produced the various herbs and plant products such as castor oil, mandragora, dill, cumin, coriander and hartshorn.

Medical papyri of ancient Egypt's history dates back to the ancient kingdom. Tradition of the ancient Egyptians revered and thus the ancient papyrus or medical way to treat the largest power was ascribed to it.

How reliable the service of Egyptian doctors? - Ancient Egyptian Medicine

We know that the doctors of ancient Egyptians were skilled makers bone (a practice that is still very high among the doctors and put the mother in many parts of Africa). The doctors of the ancient Egyptians have a good knowledge of herbs and antiseptic ointments that are used very effectively for the treatment of wounds and cuts dressed with bandages and compresses.

The largest area of ​​weakness in internal medicine, which, of all the evidence, and has remained a mystery to a large extent for them. Here, returned to them spells, incantations and magic formula. Most of the time service of a doctor more than a threat to the life of the patient and the health of the illness itself. Included clinic doctor group of exotic products "drug" like a lizard feces, blood, frogs, frog, bat wings, and the bowels and the abolition of the mud snail, breast milk and menstrual blood virgin all in ancient Egyptian medicine.

And usually take these evil fabrications with incantations and other magical exotic maneuvers. Was, however, not all the darkness of the ancient Egyptian doctors in internal medicine. Were aware of the importance and function of the heart. He expressed his surprise historians often ignorance of the ancient Egyptian doctor of abdominal organs such as kidneys, liver, pancreas, due to the development of art and the practice of mummification in ancient Egypt. He had, however, pointed out that Egyptian embalmers were generally not doctors, and generally do not taxidermists. Was limited opportunity for cross-fertilization of ideas and knowledge between the two professions, occupations generally jealously their knowledge and skills than others.

Herodotus commented on the great concern of the ancient Egyptians for their health. "They care of their health with vomiting and laxative they use three consecutive days each month, and they believe that all diseases come from food consumed."

Despite the limited knowledge of the ancient Egyptian doctors interested in the specialty. According to Herodotus there were therapists from the abdomen, eyes and bones. Specialist diseases women there who have dealt with most of the problems of infertility, although the practice records show that most of it was harmful and that can be "diseases of women" to consider explicitly the risk to the health of their patients.

The ancient Egyptians were also interested in medicine, cosmetics, as shown by calling Papyrus: book and go to an old man young century.

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