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January 27, 2012

Questions about Ancient Egyptian Pyramids for Kids

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Ancient Egyptian Tombs
The Fictional Tombs

There is some Questions :
  • Where the Egyptian pyramids tombs ?
  • How did they bury their kings at that time ?
  • Where did Egyptians bury their Kings at that time ?
Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
We were thought in schools that the pyramids are nothing but tombs , which were built by tyrant Pharaoh and that slaves were used to haul these big stones up temporary ramps , in the construction of these pyramids , True ore False ??

When we examine the facts at the pyramids , you will find that all these commonly held beliefs about the pyramids are so incredibly illogical that your faith in your education and background may be shattered .

Where the Egyptian pyramids tombs ?
The answer is a resounding No . There is however , an unusual situation in the case of Zoser's Pyramid at Saqqra . As we will find later in Saqqara, Zoser built complete underground burial chambers , for himself and his family . Building a step pyramid was afterthought , witch came a few years later . The Burial chambers are not an integral part f he pyramid structure . The nine remaining pyramids , witch have been constructed from solid core masonry , are not tombs .

Where did Egyptians bury their Kings at that time ?
During the Early Dynasty Period , the tombs of the kings and nobles consisted of subterranean burial chambers with large , Low , rectangular , Mud -Brick superstructures . These types of tombs were called mastabas , meaning benches .

The subterranean parts contained the burial chambers , witch were surrounding by many other other chambers and stone rooms , for he less important funerary goods . The burial chamber was a narrow chamber hewn out of the rock , to which a shaft leads down from the roof of the mastaba .

The Superstructures were rectangular , low in proportion to its length , and with a convex roof . They varied in size from 24 square yards ( 20 square meters ) to an area of more than 1/4 acre .

How did they bury their kings at that time ?
The kings were buried in simple rectangular wooden chests , covered with funerary texts and inscriptions . The wooden coffin was placed inside a stone sarcophagus m which was also covered with funerary text and inscriptions .

The viscera ( stomach , intestines , lungs m and liver ) of the deceased , were placed in four individual containers , called canopic jars , next to the sarcophagus .


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