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January 14, 2012

Khafre Pharaoh | Statue and his Pyramid

King Khafre
Khafra was ancient Egyptian Pharaoh of the 4th dynasty . He was 3rd or 4th king in ancient egypt history . Khafra ruled Egypt more 24 years ( 2559 BC- 2535 BC ) . He was built the second famous Pyramid in ancient Egyptian Pyramids .

Khafre Pharaoh Statue
Khafre's Family : 
Khafre's father : Khufu
Khafre's mother : Meritites I
Khafre's wife : Mertitytes
Khafre's brothers :  Kawab , Djedefra  , Djedefhor , Baufra , Babaef I , Khufukhaf I , Minkhaf I and Horbaef
Khafre's sister : Nefertiabet  , Hetepheres II , Meresankh II , Meritites II and Khamerernebty I

Khafre had several wives , three or four doughtier and at least 12 sons  :

Nebemakhet , Menkaura , Duaenre , Nikaure , Niuserre , Khenterka , Ankhmare , Akhre , Iunmin , Iunre, Sekhemkare , Shepsetkau , Khamerernebty II, Rekhetre and Hemetre

Valley Temple
Valley Temple
It is located to the Valley Temple of Khafra closer to the Nile, and would have stood next to the Temple of the Sphinx. Found on the inscriptions from the way that is reminiscent of the entrance to Hathor and Bubastis. Found on the blocks show the remains of the partial inscription with the name of Horus Khafra (Visser - IB). Statues of Khafra, Mariette discovered in 1860. Found on many of the wells in the ground, and was beheaded. But was found full of other statues as well.

Mortuary Temple
The funerary temple is located very close to the pyramid. Of the mortuary temple of parts comes inscribed with the name of Khafra mace heads as well as some stone vessels.

Khafre's Pyramid : to know more details and secrets about Khafre's Pyramid

Khafre Pyramid
Khafre's Pyramid located southwest of the pyramid of Khafre of Khufu's Pyramid (Khafre's father). Khafre's Pyramid height of 143.5 meters and a length of 215.5 meters of each side, and the angle of inclination 53.10. Located at ground level, and the entrance corridor leads to the downside, the roof of the granite and the angle of descent 22. And ends at the barricade leading to the corridor landscape, and then ramp leads to a chamber called the error burial chamber is empty carved into the rock, and leads the vestibule to the mound last rise to the top corridor horizontal ends with a stone burial, and this room ceiling Jmalone constructed with limestone, and almost the middle of pyramid, Khafre was the name of the pyramid (the Great). 

Khafre Pharaoh and his Pyramid :


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